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    Fiorenzato Bricoletta

    Traditional Espresso Machine


    The Fiorenzato Bricoletta is the perfect compact machine to add to your small office space. A traditional espresso machine built with sleek stainless steel and boasting quality, modern components.

    Using thermosiphon circulation between the machine’s heat exchanger and hot water heating plant, the Fiorenzato Bricoletta is able to provide thermally balanced dispensing of your espresso supply. A balanced multidirectional steam nozzle and hot water dispenser allow espresso lovers to enjoy a perfectly prepared espresso every single time they use their Fiorenzato Bricoletta.

    For added control, users can also enjoy an innovative pressure switch and gauge, enhanced water level controls, a manometer to check boiler steam pressure, and an engine shock absorber, which enables users to make adjustments to machine pressure externally.

    The Fiorenzato Bricoletta coffee machine can also be fitted with either a volumetric pump or a vibration pump, depending on whether you’d like to use a plumbed or tank system for operating this traditional yet unequivocally modern espresso machine.

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    • Cup warming plate and stainless steel lower water collection tray
    • Thermically balanced dispensing groups for proper espresso supply, thanks to heat exchanger and hot water-heating plant by thermo siphon circulation
    • Multidirectional steam nozzle and hot water dispenser
    • Internal safety thermostat
    • Engine shock-absorber, which also enables you to adjust pressure from outside
    • Manometer to check boiler steam pressure
    • Water level control
    • Pressure gauge
    • Pressure switch
    • Volumetric pump (plumbed version) / Vibration pump (tank version)
    Technical details

    Technical details

    • Dimensions W x H x D in mm: 30 x 42 x 42 (cm)
    • Power 1800 W
    • Weight 21,8 / 20 (kg)
    • Supply 110-230 V
    • Boiler 1,25 L
    • 58mm tamper size
    Special features

    Special features

    • Commercial coffee grinder can be supplied with the machine; ask for our business options.
    • We offer a great range of barista equipment: milk jugs, knock box, tampers,…
    • For all coffee makers in our range, we stock the right coffee, freshly roasted on our own state of the art coffee roaster.
    • 12 month parts warranty (Back to base)

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