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    Brew 1801 thermos

    Filter Coffee Machine


    Our filter coffee machine, the Brew 1801 Thermos, is the ideal solution to busy offices and meeting and conference environments where multiple coffees may be required in a short period of time.
    The combination of the vacuum packed coffee pouch and thermos flask means your filter coffee stays fresh and hot, long after it was brewed.



    • Innovative filter system: the ground coffee pouches are vacuum packed for extra freshness. The water unlocks the sealed pouch releasing the delicious coffee brewing inside.
    • Quality: coffee does not stew in thermos airpots – life of coffee is extended.
    • Portable: take coffee where you want, flasks maintaining drinking temperature for over 4 hours without need for electrical connection.
    • Self-serve pump action airpots: during meetings, clients/delegates can help themselves to coffee.
    • Safety: no hot surfaces on vacuum flasks, minimizing risk of burning.
    • Improves efficiency: coffee can be prepared in advance of service/meeting allowing staff to get on with other duties. 4 minutes brew time.
    • Stylish: system looks good, making a positive contribution to the customer experience.
    • Minimizes waste: portion controlled – no coffee waste, extended life of product in flask.
    • Clean: no mess or time consuming cleaning necessary.