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    WPM ProSteam

    Automatic Milk Steamer


    Looking to make the perfect cappuccino right from your office kitchen? Then the WPM ProSteam automatic milk steamer is sure to be an asset for medium-sized offices.

    With its highly efficient heater, this automatic milk steamer can whip up a perfectly balanced micro-foam from a 600 ml jug of milk in mere seconds. The WPM ProSteam is also compatible with a wide range of milk, including skim milk and even plant-or-nut-based alternatives.

    The WPM ProSteam is just as smart as it is streamlined, providing users with the ability to set two default temperature options and a Short Memory temperature record function for quick and easy milk steaming. Once you make milk foam with the WPM ProSteam, you’ll just never want to go back to using a manual milk foamer again!

    Cleaning your WPM ProStream is also guaranteed to be quick and easy, thanks to the machine’s innovative Complete Clean setting. Simply use this setting to initiate an auto flush of your WPM ProStream milk steamer, clearing any remaining milk residue from your steamer nozzle.

    With WPM ProStream’s Complete Clean setting, your automatic milk steamer can be kept in a pristine condition with just one manual monthly cleaning.

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    • Fully Automatic
    • Target Temperature can be set (+/- 1° Celsius)
    • Steam Generation will cease automatically when Target Temperature is reached
    • Range:40-90° Celsius
    • Set two default temperature options to suit your usage for quick use
    • Short Memory function records previous temperature set
    • Create perfect micro-foam without pitcher manipulation or manual control
    • Short Flush after each use, approx. 3 seconds
    • Complete Clean setting to express build up and back flush
    • Monthly clean recommended
    Technical details

    Technical details

    • Stainless steel body; ensuring durability and modern appearance
    • Water Tank Capacity: 0.8 L
    • Voltage: 220 – 240 V/ 50 Hz
    • Power: 1450W
    • Dimension – W x H x D (mm): 140 x 340 x 380
    • Weight: 6.7kg