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    Rheavendor CINO EC Pro

    Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
    with Powdered Milk


    Equipped with simple one-touch operational controls and an easily integrated cleaning system, the Rheavendor CINO EC Pro Bean To Cup Coffee Machine is an automatic coffee machine that is designed to be the perfect, low-maintenance machine to suit a wide range of medium-sized offices & office environments. 

    The Rheavendor CINO EC Pro’s button controls and beverage delivery area are both elegantly illuminated to ensure that this bean-to-cup coffee machine is consistently easy to use.

    And with this particular machine’s programmable standby mode and generally lower energy consumption thanks in part to its low voltage LED lights, the Rheavendor CINO EC Pro will be able to brew your favourite cup without burning a hole through your office utility bills.

    Its innovative VHO brewing unit, 3-hopper system (for coffee, milk powder, and chocolate powder) as well as a plumbing system that allows for easy mains connection, also work together to ensure that the Rheavendor CINO EC Pro perfectly caters to busy work environments. 

    No longer will you and your fellow coworkers have to worry about cleaning out your machine’s tank every time you want to enjoy a smooth brew. With the Rheavendor CINO EC Pro Bean To Cup Coffee Machine, you can enjoy a coffee brewing experience that’s truly automatic without losing authenticity.

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    • Easy one touch operation
    • Modern and compact design
    • Illuminated delivery area and selection buttons
    • Innovative VHO brewing unit
    • Easy integrated cleaning system
    • Low energy consumption with the use of low voltage LED lights
    • Programmable standby mode option
    • Optional: base cabinet
    Technical details

    Technical details

    • Italian made
    • Dimensions (W x H x D in mm): 310 x 660 x 460
    • Hopper for coffee beans
    • Hopper for milk powder
    • Hopper for chocolate
    • Plumbed – mains connected

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