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    Fiorenzato Lido

    Traditional Espresso Machine


    The Fiorenzato Lido is a stylish 2-groups espresso machine that combines the elegance of a traditional machine design with the performance of modern industrial barista-grade equipment.

    Being a 2-groups espresso machine, the Fiorenzato Lido is capable of handling a high volume of orders in minimal time, making it an ideal espresso machine for larger office spaces. The traditional machine offers 4 programmable doses per group, allowing you to select between single to double shot brew options. Furthermore, it’s durable construction and adjustable settings ensure a customised grind for your specific brewing method. 

    Enjoy only the highest quality Italian-made build components with your Fiorenzato Lido. From its 10.4 L boiler and boiler draining tap to its built-in volumetric control pump and pump brake gauge. and its innovative hot water mixing system. The Fiorenzato Lido’s backlit selection buttons and sight glass further boost the sheer usability of this traditional espresso machine.

    The 2 group traditional coffee machine also boasts a stainless steel steam nozzle for easy and hygienic milk steaming. A dedicated hot water dispenser also ensures that your Fiorenzato Lido espresso machine is as useful for tea drinkers as it is for coffee fanatics.

    Elevate your office coffee rituals and embrace the art of exceptional brewing with the traditional espresso coffee machine.

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    • Hot water mixing system
    • 4 programmable doses per group (single shot/ double shot)
    • Backlight buttons
    • 2 Manometer, 1 Boiler, 1 Pump brake-gauge
    • Pump filter
    • Stainless steel steam nozzle
    • Hot water dispenser
    • Backlight sight glass
    • Water level control
    • Built-in volumetric pump
    • Boiler draining tap
    Technical details

    Technical details

    • Made in Italy
    • Dimensions (W x D x H mm): 880 x 560 x 540
    • Boiler: 10.4 L
    • Plumbed
    Special features

    Special features

    • Commercial coffee grinder can be supplied with the machine; ask for our business options.
    • We offer a great range of barista equipment: milk jugs, knock box, tampers,…