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    Brew 508 Bulk Brew

    Filter Coffee Machine


    A commercial-grade filter coffee machine, the Brew 508 Bulk Brew system has been designed to produce large volumes of bulk-brewed coffee with speed, efficiency, and most importantly, consistency.

    The Brew 508 Bulk Brew’s high-quality vacuum units are capable of keeping your coffee at a comfortable drinking temperature for over 8 hours, perfectly ideal to set during a coffee break, large events or meeting environments. 

    Its high production capacity and innovative design make it an ideal filter coffee machine for medium/large size events, function centres, hotel kitchens, hospitals and meetings and conference rooms, to hand large volumes of brewed coffee both quickly and efficiently.

    The Brew 508 Bulk Brew is also just as effortless to clean as it is to use, with thermos urns requiring just a simple rinse out at the end of the day or when the vacuum units have been emptied of their 100% Arabica contents.

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    • Speed & Efficiency: coffee can be prepared in advance of service/meeting allowing staff to get on with other duties.
    • Flexibility: take coffee where you want, urns maintain drinking temperature over 8 hours.
    • Quality: Coffee does not stew in thermos urns.
      100% Arabica Coffee, conveniently pre-dosed coffee filters
    • Clean: no mes or time consuming cleaning necessary.
    • Safety: no hot surfaces on vacuum urns, minimising risk of burning

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