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    Brew 508 Bulk Brew

    Filter Coffee Machine


    The Brew 508 Bulk Brew system has been specifically developed for the commercial hospitality sector and its need to produce large volumes of brewed coffee both quickly and efficiently.
    The advantage of the Brew 508 system is that coffee is stored in high quality vacuum units capable of retaining drinking temperature over 8 hours without the need for electrical connection.



    • Speed & Efficiency: coffee can be prepared in advance of service/meeting allowing staff to get on with other duties.
    • Flexibility: take coffee where you want, urns maintain drinking temperature over 8 hours.
    • Quality: Coffee does not stew in thermos urns.
      100% Arabica Coffee, conveniently pre-dosed coffee filters
    • Clean: no mes or time consuming cleaning necessary.
    • Safety: no hot surfaces on vacuum urns, minimising risk of burning