Zoetic Infusions Peppermint FTO 100 pack

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Zoetic Infusions peppermint tea is both Fairtrade and certified organic, allowing for a delicious, hot beverage that’s free from chemicals and pesticides, and supports the community from where it was sourced. For a cup that’s bursting with fresh, herbal flavour and a full aroma, brew this delicious and soothing infusion. Rejuvenating both your body and mind, the calming properties of peppermint can aid in digestion, making it the ideal drink for after meals. Each double chamber tea bag is individually sealed in its own packaging to allow for hygiene and freshness, and is the ideal fit for any staffroom, boardroom or event.

Premium Quality Tea.
100% Organic Certified.

Delicious and soothing.

Tea Flavour.

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Enveloped/Tea Bags

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