Cafetto Organic Milk Frother Cleaner – Green – 1L




When milk builds up in milk lines and frothers on automatic espresso machines, not only can the taste of milk-based coffee drinks be compromised, but health and safety can become a concern. Harmful bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Enterococcus can thrive in unclean conditions. However, Cafetto Organic Milk Frother Cleaner has been lab tested to kill off all those bacteria and more.


Ensure the white cap is tightly sealed first, then slightly loosen the green cap. Gently squeeze bottle until the reservoir measures 50ml, then remove the green lid and pour from reservoir.
Add 50ml of cleaner to 500ml of warm water in a stainless steel jug.
Insert the milk frother suction tube into the solution.
Run the entire solution through the frother.
Repeat the above procedure with 500ml of clean water to rinse all the components thoroughly.