Coffee Brands & Packagings

For all coffee makers in our range, we stock the right coffee to brew a delicious cup of coffee: beans for all automatic and traditional espresso machines, coffee pods for the capsule machines and pre-dosed filters for the filter coffee systems.

Coffee beans & ground coffee


Red Earth

Red Earth is our brand using premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from around the globe and roasted locally in Australia.
Smooth and rich, our Red Earth specialty blends and Red Earth house blends provide a consistently beautiful coffee.



With more than 200 years of experience as a coffee roasting company coffee, Miko offers a range of coffee blends that reflects their knowledge and tradition. Our Miko blends are roasted locally in Australia, with respect for our heritage.


Puro Fairtrade Coffee

Puro’s coffee beans are sourced from Fairtrade co-operatives. Our small farmers are meticulous about their business and pick their crop with great care. Their passion can be tasted in every cup of Puro.
Along with its Fairtrade certification and social initiatives, Puro Coffee are beautifully crafted blends to suit different palates. Each coffee comes with a story that demonstrates the passion for sustainability, ethical and quality coffee.

Capsules – coffee pods


Caffitaly System Capsules have a unique double filter feature, to ensure the subtle aromas of the fresh roasted coffee beans are perfectly preserved.

Our Nespresso© compatible capsules let you enjoy the most delicate flavours of our Puro Fairtrade and Organic coffee.

Pre-dosed filter coffee


Freshly roasted, ground and then packed in individual filter pouches or sachets to maintain all the aromas… Our pre-dosed, portion controlled coffee filters are the most convenient way to prepare coffee in the office. The portion controlled coffee filters means you get to enjoy freshly brewed coffee of constant quality, all day long

Freeze dried / Instant coffee

Individually packed, freeze dried coffee sticks are a convenient way to enjoy a coffee at any time of the day. Just add hot water, stir and enjoy!
Puro Fairtrade Coffee “Colombia” are great tasting instant coffee sticks.

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