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Fresh Milk vs Vending Machine


So now the boss has decided you need an office coffee machine.You've never had a coffee machine so naturally you don't know what to look for. Browsing the Internet only confuses you because as you soon discover there are more choices than you first thought.


The websites are glossy and pictures look good so now what do you do? Of course everyone you call will tell you that their coffee machines are the best and they only have 1 type because there is no reason to sell anything else. Sound familiar? It's like walking into a car dealership and expecting the sales person to tell you that his competitors cars are better than his.


Well I'm here to unravel the mystery and dispel some myths. The reason I can do this is that our company sells both types so who better to give you an honest assessment of the merits that both types of machines have to offer so you don't make a costly mistake. Our range of Fresh Milk machines include Carimali, Schaerer, Jura & Franke automatic coffee machines. We also sell Bianchi coffee vending machines Made in Italy.


Firstly there is no such thing as a "free" coffee machine. Anyone that tells you the machine is free needs to make money somehow or why would they be in business. So if they can't charge you for the coffee machine they charge you for the product you put in the machine. In some cases this can be as much as 50% more then what you would get charged if you owned or rented the machine.


The second thing you might discover is there is a company that is prepared to put the coffee machine in for "free" and charge you for every cup of coffee that you use. Sounds good doesn't it? No outlay, no contract no worries. Sound to me like it's "too good to be true".

How is this company going to make money from you? They charge you an inflated price for the privilege of using their machine. In one recent case, a client told me that they were making approximately 50 cups of coffee per day. Doesn't sound like much does it? That is until they got the first invoice and discover that the coffee machine had cost them $1,000 for the month.

Compare that with the cost of renting a similar machine of ours at $300 a month and you soon discover that the coffee machine has cost you $500 more a month than it could have even taking into consideration the cost of the coffee beans. Don't be fooled you are better off buying or renting the machine where you have the flexibility to deal with whomever you choose. The other issue is many of these operators only have 1 type of coffee to sell you. Why? because they have to buy their coffee from Head Office or the Franchisor who then makes all of the money.


Now getting back to the Fresh Milk vs Vending coffee machine comparison. There's no doubt that some people will prefer the taste of the fresh milk over the vending product. But don't base your decision soley on perception of taste.

Let's look at the 3 biggest benefits of each type;


Fresh Milk (WMF & Carimali)

Supreme taste just like the cafe
The smell is invigorating
Your clients will appreciate the offer


Vending (Bianchi)

Easy to use
Easy to clean
Lower Maintenance 

There's no doubt that if you choose the right machine the taste of the Fresh milk will be superior to the vending machine. But is taste going to be the deciding factor? The Fresh Milk coffee machine will need more attention and will be susceptible to breakdown if not cleaned regularly. On the plus side, you can find companies like ours that provide a daily or weekly cleaning service to come to your office and clean your machine. The machine will only be out of action for about 15 minutes so it's not too much of an inconvenience. 

The vending coffee machine does make a wider selection of drinks including espresso, long black, cappuccino & hot chocolate. The machine will use less cleaning products which ultimately saves you money. You can get a decent coffee out of these machines if you put good products into them. We have developed our own range of products called Vend Fresh including vending coffee, milk & chocolate that will give you the best possible taste for each cup. 

Where would you use a Fresh Milk machine over a vending coffee machine?


Where would you use a Vending coffee machine over a fresh milk machine?


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