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Corporate Coffee Solutions supplies office coffee machines in Cairns and North Queensland.

cairns coffee machines in the office

Cairns & North Queensland Coffee Machines

Despite Cairns’ signature tropical climate, the best way to start any day in this sunny slice of paradise is with a quality cup of coffee. But what if you don’t have to make a mad dash to your local coffee shop and pay exorbitant prices. In fact, what if you could prepare a barista-level brew from the comfort of your desk, and with just a simple tap of your Cairns office coffee machine?

With a Cairns office coffee machine from Corporate Coffee Solutions, you can take the grind out of your morning routine. You can also keep your head in the game, by simply using your Cairns office coffee machine to prep your midday brew. 

Adding a commercial coffee machine to your Cairns office is guaranteed to brighten your 9-to-5 set-up. On top of being a great investment in your company culture, your office coffee machine is also guaranteed to save your employees plenty of spare change in the long run.

We have an expansive range of coffee machines in Cairns available for machine rental or purchase as well as premium Brambati roasted coffee beans, artisanal teas, and more coffee consumables

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Explore Our Range Of Cairns Office Coffee Machines

Looking for a coffee machine for your Cairns office but not entirely sure what you may need? We know there is a wide range of coffee machines available in Cairns and North Queensland nowadays. Thankfully, we’ve done all the hard work here for you. All of our Cairns coffee machines have been separated into distinct categories to help you find the right machine to cater to the size of your staff and business. Our range of Cairns office coffee machines includes:

  • Automatic coffee machines & semi-automatic coffee machinesWant a coffee machine for your Cairns office that doesn’t come with an intimidating amount of bells and whistles? With an automatic or semi-automatic coffee machine, you can prep your morning cup of coffee with just the touch of a button.
  • Traditional espresso machinesIf you and your staff are pretty particular about how you prefer your brews, then a traditional espresso machine is likely to be the perfect choice for your Cairns office. And if you’ve never used one, then our team at Corporate Coffee Solutions will gladly provide you with a free coffee machine demo so you can learn the ropes and taste some delicious brews.
  • Capsule coffee machinesA capsule coffee machine will be more than a perfect fit for your smaller Cairns office. These compact machines make speedy work of producing all your favourite brews, ranging from lattes to espressos and even hot chocolates.
  • Filter coffee machinesLooking for the perfect Cairns coffee machine for an office that’s filled with coffee aficionados? Then a filter coffee machine is likely to provide you with the premium coffee that you need and in larger quantities. For larger Cairns offices, conference rooms, and corporate event spaces.

Searching For Excellent Coffee Machine Service In Cairns?

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we also specialise in providing experienced coffee machine repairs and services in Cairns. Our expert team handles a range of machines of all sizes from leading brands like WMF, Saeco, Franke, Bianchi and more, ensuring your coffee experience is smooth and always exceptional. Our coffee expertise is not just a promise but a guarantee for unmatched quality and efficiency with coffee machine serving in Cairns, which includes:

  • Expert Coffee Technicians: Our skilled team is trained to service both traditional and fully commercial machines, offering detailed coffee machine breakdowns, coffee maintenance and coffee machine repairs in Cairns.
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics: We diagnose and fix coffee machine issues swiftly, covering all aspects of your equipment and coffee machine service in Cairns.
  • Customised Plans For Coffee Machine Service in Cairns: Tailored to fit your needs, whether you rent or own your machine.
  • Convenient Mobile Coffee Machine Service in Cairns: Our Corporate Coffee Solutions mobile technicians come to your office, workplace or place of business in Cairns, providing on-site coffee repairs with minimal disruption.
  • Advanced Workshop Facilities: Our modern workshop is equipped to handle all maintenance and Cairns coffee machine repairs.
  • Fine-Tuning for Perfect Coffee: We adjust and program your machine for optimal performance and coffee machine servicing in Cairns.

Choose Corporate Coffee Solutions for reliable, efficient repairs and the best coffee machine service in Cairns. Elevate your coffee experience with us today!

Why Choose Corporate Coffee Solutions?

For over two decades, Corporate Coffee Solutions has been a trusted provider of office coffee machines and coffee supplies for offices across Australia. With our range of Cairns office coffee machines, businesses located in North Queensland can now also enjoy premium coffee machines and products delivered directly to their company premises.

Our dedicated staff will also provide all the support you may need to ensure that your Cairns office coffee machine is up and running as promptly as possible. If you have any questions upon the installation of your office coffee machine or even down the line, we’ll always be here to help.

Not in Cairns or the greater surrounding area. That’s no problem, we service across Australia such as the Sunshine Coast, BrisbaneSydney, Melbourne and the Toowoomba area.

cairns coffee machines in the office

Roasted Coffee in Cairns & North Queensland

We roast the right coffee beans to keep your office productive and pleased!
At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we are engaged in every step of the coffee-making process: our local coffee roastery invest time and effort sourcing the best speciality coffees from around the globe, harvesting the beans in season and preserving the quality when they roast.
Our in house roasted coffee selection has a range of coffees to suit all palates in the workplace.

If you’re after top-quality coffee for your Cairns office, then simply contact our team or visit Corporate Coffee Solutions for all of your business brewing needs, we have you covered!

Flexible Business Options with No Lock-in Contracts

We offer competitive purchase plans or rental options for all coffee machines in our range. Our business options offer you great flexibility, with no lock-in contracts!

The best office coffee solution in Cairns & North Queensland

The best Office Coffee Solution in Cairns & North Queensland

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