What To Know About Melbourne Coffee Culture

Melbourne’s coffee culture has become one of its defining traits in a way that no other city has experienced. The search for that perfectly-brewed caffeine hit is something that can be seen throughout the sprawling city streets and beyond, with over 1600 cafes open for business in Melbourne alone. However, to those that haven’t grown up in the area, Melbourne coffee culture can seem a little confusing. After all, what makes coffee in Melbourne stand out in a world filled with coffee adoration? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss today as we dig into the nitty-gritty of what makes Melbourne’s coffee culture tick.

It’s Accessible

As we mentioned earlier, there are over 1600 cafes scattered across Melbourne’s sprawling cityscape. In practical terms, this means that there is likely to be a nice cafe regardless of where you happen to be in the city. This overwhelming abundance of choice has also created a lot of competition between cafes, leading to a high level of quality and service as cafe owners vie for the attention of potential customers.

This accessibility also spans far beyond the reaches of cafes and restaurants. Step into any business or company in the city and you’re likely to be met with a cafe-quality office coffee machine and a plethora of eager employees hoping to show off their brewing skills. With so much passion and care dedicated to perfecting the process, it’s easy to see how Melbourne coffee has become so widely celebrated.

The Choices are Endless

Melbourne is one of the few places on Earth where you can routinely walk into a cafe or restaurant and be met with a smorgasbord of bean and blend varieties. Even just a simple espresso shot can come with a broad range of flavours, aromas, caffeine levels and experiences, and in Melbourne, you have the chance to try all of them from the comfort of your local cafe. High-grade coffee beans and grinds can also be purchased online from locally-sourcing retailers and cafes will often have a house blend, meaning that you can even take your favourite variety with you for at-home use.

Melbourne Coffee Connections

With adoration as far-reaching as Melbourne coffee culture, it’s inevitable that it will eventually start to merge with other parts of the culture. Coffee shops and cafes are regularly adorned with beautiful street art murals and pieces, as well as often showcasing local artists within the establishments themselves. Cafes are also considered a perfect hotspot to find artists honing their craft, whether it be local musicians performing laidback bossa nova or visual artists casually sketching the world around them. All of this culminates in a coffee culture that feels very homely and communal. Plus, with communal tables often being an option for cafe-goers, they can be an excellent place to make friends and meet new people while exploring the city.

Shifting Tides

The city’s hospitality sector can feel like a living, breathing thing at times with how quickly it changes and adapts, and coffee shops are no exception. Start-ups come and go, bringing their unique flair to the culinary conversation and shifting the preferences of coffee connoisseurs and casuals in their wake, while more established cafes will switch up their coffee menu and decor on a regular basis to keep things fresh and appealing. Areas like Degraves Street, a laneway that has become synonymous with high-quality coffee, are constantly shifting and accommodating the preferences of their loyal customers, which means you never have to settle for just getting the same flat white ad infinitum. 


Melbourne coffee is a thing of legend, and while it can seem a tad pretentious from an outside perspective, you’re never going to have trouble finding a delicious pick-me-up. Want to take the Melbourne coffee experience to your office space? Contact Corporate Coffee Solutions today and explore our wide range of cafe-quality coffee machines.

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