The Cost Saving Benefits of Office Coffee Machines

A coffee machine does more than make your office kitchen look and smell good. It also saves your business money in the long run, while being perceived as an employer who is going that extra mile. If your employees are crying out for a coffee fix, but you haven’t quite committed to the idea, find out what you and your bottom line stand to gain.

Why own when you can rent?

This is a structure that you may not have thought possible for a coffee machine, but it’s incredibly popular and can afford you the best of both worlds. If you are not in a position to purchase a coffee machine outright, you can still select the coffee machine model you desire – without the strings. The rental plan includes servicing, breakdowns and periodic cleaning visits. Get great tasting coffee without a lock in contract (conditions apply) and receive real cost-saving benefits as a result.

Reduce the time spent offsite

This won’t be a cost saving you see immediately, but it will put you in a greater position incrementally over time. Having one of your employees nip out for a coffee is one thing, but when hoards of them do so at various points in the day you may be losing some valuable productivity. Stretching the legs and taking time to unwind at lunch is always encouraged, but the time spent travelling to and waiting at the coffee store does add up. Localise your team’s coffee consumption and catch-up time, and be awarded back more business time without impacting their needs.

Client meetings and entertainment

It is not uncommon to attend meetings and have a barista coffee or chilled beverage presented on arrival. It sends a message about the company you are and gets things off on the right foot. If you have a coffee machine you can execute this courtesy with flourish, not to mention saving money spent on client entertaining when you bring it in house with a stylish and capable coffee machine.

Claim on tax

Tax deductions are not only extended to your stationery needs, you can also claim your coffee machine in many instances. It can be deemed as an office expense, so make sure that you run the purchase by your tax agent or the ATO if you are considering a machine to make sure that is the case for your business. Claiming tax on your coffee machine will give you direct cost savings, which you can sink back into other office optimisations.

Corporate Coffee Solutions offer a wide range of coffee machines that service a range of different business operations. If you are looking to treat your team to an espresso experience, while receiving cost savings, look to implement a rented or bought coffee machine in your office.
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