Renting Or Buying A Commercial Office Coffee Machine? 3 Factors To Consider:

Coffee stations have effectively replaced office water coolers as the place for casual workplace interaction. Besides that, a commercial office coffee machine is also a great perk for employees, keeping them productive and efficient throughout the day. After all, what’s better than a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee to awaken the mind during a midday lull?

A commercial office coffee machine can be a great investment for any business, but a common dilemma many face is whether they should rent a commercial office coffee machine or buy one. You could be thinking to get the Hero F11 or the Fiorenzato Ducale for buying or renting purposes. Each comes with its own pros, but ultimately, it all comes down to staff needs and your budget.

Luckily, the team at Corporate Coffee Solutions are experts in this matter. In today’s blog, we’ll try to provide a suitable solution to the debate of renting vs buying a commercial office coffee machine – keep reading to learn more!

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Renting VS Buying A Commercial Office Coffee Machine: 3 Things To Consider

  1. Budget: It is always a good idea to determine the amount you are ready to invest in your office coffee station. If you have a limited budget, renting a coffee machine is always a great option because the rental agreement is usually very low in cost.
  2. Long-term or short-term: If you’re planning to include coffee stations in your office for the long term, buying the coffee machine will always be a better option. Coffee machine rental works better for the short term or with companies that require coffee machines in large numbers.
  3. Size of staff: If you need coffee machines for a large staff, renting it would be more viable since the upfront costs would be lesser. But if your staff is limited, and you need the coffee machine for a longer time, you can consider buying it.

Buying An Commercial Office Coffee Machine

Cost Effective

When you buy a commercial office coffee machine, you will be paying a lump sum amount for possessing the machine. Granted, a coffee machine can be a big expense, but if you know your business is going to be in the same location long term, the amount of daily usage makes it a worthwhile investment. 

Machine Ownership

With this option, the ownership of the coffee machine rests with you entirely, so you don’t need to worry about rental periods coming to an end or lease fees. Plus, it’s an item you get to hold on to if your business ever moves locations or opens a new branch. 

Instant Coffee Means Instant Happiness 

Plus, purchasing a coffee machine is a simple way to get your coffee station up and running quickly. Just make the one-off payment, and get it installed at your convenience – which is an attractive perk if the majority of your staff work in the office or have a hybrid role. 

Renting An Commercial Office Coffee Machine

Only Pay For As Long You Need It

When you rent a commercial office coffee machine, the ownership of the machine stays with the rental company; it is loaned to you for a predefined time. You would usually have to sign a rental agreement with the company, which will state the cost of the rental, the time period and other stipulations.

Now, the great thing about renting a coffee machine is that there are lesser upfront costs. You can think of it as a risk-free investment. What’s better is that you also get free installation, servicing and maintenance as part of the agreement. This makes it a more cost-effective option for large businesses since you can rent several commercial office coffee machines to meet the needs of your employees.

Warranty And Peace Of Mind

If you rent your coffee machines from a reputed supplier like Corporate Coffee Solutions, you’ll get a comprehensive warranty (on labour and parts) as part of the rental agreement, so you won’t need to worry about covering costly repairs or replacements. 

Greater Flexibility

With a coffee machine rental, you would always have the option to change your rental package or even buy a coffee machine whenever you want. Coffee machine rental works as a risk-free investment.

Lesser risk

Renting a coffee machine is not as final as buying it. With a rental, you would always have the option to change the coffee machine for another one if it doesn’t meet your office needs.

This hopefully clears your doubts about renting or buying your next commercial office coffee machine. When it comes to the dilemma of renting vs buying a coffee machine, it is important to understand the needs of your workplace and the financial viability of the decision.

Once you’ve made your decision, you can reach out to Corporate Coffee Solutions for best-in-class coffee solutions. We provide high-quality coffee machines with both rental and purchase plans, and we always strive to ensure that you get the most out of your decision. For any queries, you can contact us at 1300 729 343 or email

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