Office Coffee Machines and Productivity

Staring down the barrel of a busy workday can be a daunting ordeal for some, particularly on a Monday. Instant coffee will not, and has never, done a good job of quashing these feelings or promoting heightened productivity. For so many, the barista coffee found in the nearby cafe is a highlight of the morning. But what if you could offer this from your office coffee machine, giving them unlimited access to coffee and subsequent productivity?

Coffee promotes productivity

There is a scientific reason for workers not wanting to be bothered before their first cup of Joe, and it’s not only because they aren’t morning people. The consumption of coffee actually triggers increased memory and cognitive function in the form of a short-term boost. For regular coffee drinkers, cognitive function can actually improve overall over time. This presents an opportunity for smart employers to invest in a permanent productivity instigator, that employees can help themselves to throughout the day.

Coffee promotes collaboration

Collaboration with Coffee

There is always a cluster of people surrounding the water cooler, shooting in the breeze or discussing work issues with those they may not cross paths with often. Implementing an office coffee machine will instigate collaboration and networking across departments that may expedite decisions and processes, or set the scene for creative thinking and planning. Any environment in which a team is relaxed and there of their own accord will bring authentic collaboration which only stands to benefit your business.

Coffee promotes a healthy work culture

making coffee at work

In an office, you will only get the best from your team if they want to be there. This is quite straightforward, but employers continue to ignore the benefits that a healthy and positive work culture offers. Having an office coffee machine will allow team members to step away from their desk, make themselves a coffee, and enjoy a moment of mindfulness. Without adequate spaces where staff can enjoy downtime, you may experience fatigued staff that will look outside the office to find peace and refuge.

Coffee can attract productive talent

Attract Good Talent

A quick scan of job sites will let you know that the competition for great talent is fierce. But there is a way to make your job ad more attractive – perks. An office coffee machine will entice the right candidate, as they may be looking for attributes outside of just salary. In recent years, companies have acquired new teams by offering flexible hours, gym-access, and now espresso-quality coffee. So next time you draft an ad for a new hire, add coffee facilities to the list of desirable attributes.

If you are looking for the missing ingredient to improved productivity in your office, just add coffee. It positions you, the employer, as an entity wanting to invest in the culture and future of your team. Not to mention the extra kick it will give them throughout the day.

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