Making The Perfect Latte With An Office Coffee Machine

When it comes to coffee, making the perfect latte can make all the difference.  You can get it from the coffee shop or in the office, from office coffee machines. A latte is made up of ⅓ espresso shot, ⅔’s milk and then around 1cm of light fluffy foam. Thus making it the perfect size to just sit and sip, be it at your desk, curled up on the couch, or over buttery biscuits with friends. But, what exactly goes into making this creamy cup of coffee to utter perfection? Some would say it all comes down to having good coffee beans, whilst others would say it’s all about the office coffee-making machine. So, what exactly are the answers, espresso coffee machine or automatic? Light roast or dark roast? 

We’re here to get to the bottom of the brew and finally answer what exactly goes into making that perfect latte, here are three imperative factors to make a perfect latte.

The Best Roast For Making The Perfect Latte

Every great coffee begins with great beans. Ideally, you want to have freshly roasted and freshly ground beans for the best-tasting latte. But, when it comes to the roast, what kind should you opt for? Since it’s a light-coloured coffee, a lighter roast would work the best, wouldn’t it? In reality, most baristas tend to favour a medium or dark roast due to the milkiness of the drink, a lighter roast would likely get lost amongst the milk, giving it an underpowering taste. Medium roasts give a lovely creamy taste, blending well with the milk to make a softer flavour. And for the busy latte lover on the go looking for a stronger taste to get them through their hectic schedule, a darker roast is the way to go. Darker roasts have a bit more bite to them, with a slight bitterness, that is perfectly balanced with the milk ratio, leading to a deliciously full-flavoured morning beverage.

An Office Coffee Machine 

Whilst the roast of your beans is a vital component on the way to the perfect latte, there are other elements to the equation that add up to one delicious sip. One of those is the type of coffee machine you’re using, so we’re here to investigate, is one more up to the job than another? If you’re using one of your coffee-making machines in a larger workspace, then due to the volume of drinks it’s producing, it’s likely automatic. Automatic coffee machines are great for those on the go. They’re speedy and reliable, simply select the coffee you’d like and it will take all the guesswork out of your drink, making the perfect latte proportioned for you. 

On the other hand, you could use something like an espresso coffee machine. These put the art back into brewing. An office coffee machine you’d find at a cafe, these are the ideal choice for a slower environment like a home office. They do require more work than an automatic machine but the payoff is completely worth it. Be there every step of the way, from the very beginning when creating that beautiful puck to steaming the milk to that smooth and silky texture, just make sure to get a good milk jug and tamp mat to negate any possible mess during the process.  

If you’re unsure as to which one is better, it depends on what you’re after. If you’re looking for a coffee machine that will create your latte consistently and dependably, then an automatic-coffee machine is ideal for you. Otherwise, if you’re looking to perfect the coffee creation art and create a latte with strong, delicious flavours, then opt for an espresso coffee machine. Although this may take a little trial and error, once you’ve mastered the technique it will be worth it. Whether you are in an office or within a large working space, an exceptional coffee machine can be a difference maker. 

Making The Perfect Latte

The Best Milk For Making The Perfect Latte

Following on from using a coffee machine. Lattes are in fact one of the most varied offerings today. They are typically made with full-cream milk for the velvety, smooth texture associated with the drink. Yet many opt for a non-dairy option nowadays, with oat, almond and soy being amongst the most popular dairy-free picks. Making the perfect latte has always been known for that light topping of delicious, fluffy foam with full-cream milk frothing effortlessly and creating tiny micro bubbles, creating that rich creaminess. So, if you’re looking for the best alternative to that, it would have to be oat milk. Oat milk mimics the full-cream appearance, frothing wonderfully for that perfect topping of foam, and has a wonderfully sweet and rich taste that would compliment a dark roast superbly.  

The Coffee Size 

The final component of note when creating your perfect latte is its sizing. As previously mentioned, the proportions of a latte are ⅓ espresso, ⅔’s milk, with a 10-15ml topping of micro-foam. This being said, a typical latte should be served in a 220ml glass. This size ensures that all of the respective quantities are balanced to create that perfect final taste. This stops it from becoming too milky, or alternatively too strong. If you find that you’re looking for a stronger coffee flavour, then why not try the piccolo latte? This drink is similar to the latte in terms of ratio, just in a smaller glass with less milk. 


A latte is popular for a reason. All the way from great coffee roasts to the coffee machine. The beverage has a great flavour without being too overpowering or simultaneously too weak, making the perfect latte for coffee connoisseurs as well as those looking to dip their toes into the caffeinated world. So, next time you’re craving a coffee, why not try your hand at making it yourself? After reading this guide, you might be surprised by how great the result is.

So, contact the true coffee professionals at Corporate Coffee Solutions on making the perfect latte by using an office coffee machine today.

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