How To Stay Productive When Working Remotely

2020 has seen a considerable number of people grappling with the idea of remote working productivity for the first time. For some, it has been a freeing experience that has allowed them the space and serenity to focus on their craft. For others, however, the transition hasn’t been quite as smooth, and it’s easy to see why. Your house is ideally where you unwind and relax, and is therefore filled with distractions and a lack of supervision that isn’t present in an office or traditional workspace.

So, if you’re looking for ways to stay alert and work-ready from home, let’s take a look at a few great ways to boost your remote working productivity!

Get a Coffee Machine

When someone mentions the idea of staying alert, for most of us in the working world, the first thing to come to mind is coffee, and for good reason. Coffee is full of benefits both in and outside the office, and one of its main perks is as a way to keep your productivity levels up even through the most laborious of tasks.

Unfortunately, for those that find themselves stuck at home without access to the office coffee machine, it can be difficult to get that perfectly brewed cup of caffeine that you need to get through the day. So, why not treat yourself a little and get a coffee machine at home? A high-quality coffee machine can be a fantastic first step in ensuring that you have what you need to keep your productivity and enthusiasm where they need to be.

Keep Your Spaces Defined

Whether you’re trying to get through a full day of work or simply trying to get a full night of sleep, defining the areas in your home is a great way to stay motivated whilst also allowing you to relax and unwind after the working day is done. By setting aside a certain room or space to be your workstation, you are telling your brain that this is the area in which you work, and your brain will respond in kind. Think of it as clicking your brain in and out of business mode.

While we’re on the subject of workstations…

Remote Working Productivity Tools

One of the issues that leads to people losing their remote working productivity is that they don’t feel they have what they need to perform their duties at their disposal. This can come in the form of a computer missing essential programs, a lack of stationary to take notes and complete paperwork, or even just an uncomfortable chair that isn’t providing the support you need to get into a comfortable groove. This is especially common with those that are experiencing remote working for the first time, as they will often work with what they have without taking the time to ensure their work area has everything they need to be comfortable and organised.

One way of dealing with this is to go through your workday and take note of every time you feel that something has taken you out of your ability to be prolific. For example, if you get frustrated because you can’t quickly write down some information, then it shows that there are some elements that are missing from your personal setup. Keep in mind that the ideal setup is going to be different for everybody, and you don’t have to pay extra for a bunch of ergonomic fecundity boosters that aren’t going to be relevant to your needs.

If You Need Time, Take Time

When you’re working from home, there can be pressure to always be working. After all, you want to show that you don’t need to be micromanaged and are the ideal autonomous employee that your place of business has always dreamed of. However, while it’s good to have a strong work ethic, it’s also good to take time to recharge and avoid burnout.

This can even just mean reaping the benefits of working from home by finding a comfortable place to eat lunch that isn’t your desk. Whilst it may not always be possible, going for a walk is another way to shake off your remote working productivity blocks and recharge your batteries. Staying productive is hard when you don’t have others around to motivate you, so taking the time to do what your body and mind need will allow you to get a lot more good work done in the long run.


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