How To Create The Perfect Office Coffee Setup

Coffee is a major part of the daily routine of most workers in Australia. While caffeine helps workers wake up and prepare for the day, coffee culture in the workplace goes far beyond just a simple coffee machine and a caffeine hit.

Businesses of all sizes are discovering the benefits of setting up a dedicated space with an automatic coffee machine and the finest coffee beans in a bid to get the most out of their staff. Workers can access great coffee at any time (without having to leave to go to a coffee shop), get the caffeine boost they need and also interact with other workers.

In today’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at how adding a coffee space to your workplace provides more than just a simple amenity like a water cooler, plus the range of benefits that will boost worker productivity and help you improve your workplace operations.

The Benefits Of Setting Up A Dedicated Coffee Space At Your Office

When you create a dedicated space with an automatic or semi-automatic coffee machine in a comfortable environment for your workers, you will enjoy a raft of benefits including:

  • Improved productivity: Most workers are familiar with the mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump and a coffee can help deliver the boost required to be able to concentrate better and remain focused. There is science to back this up. The brain produces a chemical called adenosine which is what makes you feel sleepy during the daytime. Caffeine helps block the production of adenosine to help eliminate drowsy and lethargic feelings and provide the boost that workers need to be at their productive best.
  • Better learning: Did you know that just two cups of coffee a day will help improve workers’ memory and ability to retain information? A study has shown that people who drink coffee after studying are more likely to retain the information they have been studying, which directly translates to the workplace as well.
  • More time spent at work: By having a dedicated coffee set up at your office, workers will not feel the need to leave to go and get coffee from local cafes. The better the office setup, the more likely workers will stay in your office and use it. So you need to put effort into making this space attractive and providing quality coffee. The old kettle and instant coffee are not going to cut it.

Improved office culture: Having a dedicated coffee setup will mean workers are going to socialise together more in the office. This can help break down barriers and improve bonds between your staff members which is only going to help improve productivity and overall office morale.

How To Setup The Ultimate Coffee Space For Your Workers

Creating the perfect coffee space means establishing a coffee culture at your workplace, it goes beyond just installing a coffee machine and hoping that people will use it.

The first step is the coffee you are providing. You need to invest in the highest-quality automatic coffee machine that your budget can afford and premium coffee beans. It has to be irresistible to your staff members.

This space should be accessible to all, in a common area like a tea room. It should also be located near a collaborative workspace. As more offices move away from individual desks and cubicles to hot desks and collaborative spaces, coffee can be used to unify teams, boost morale and create a talking point.

Make coffee part of the daily routine. When teams come together, managers should encourage everyone to grab a coffee first. Mix up the variety of beans on offer and provide an automatic machine capable of making all of the different varieties of coffee that people love.

By creating this coffee culture, you will also be improving your overall office culture. To learn more about how to create the perfect office coffee setup in your workplace, reach out to Corporate Coffee Solutions today, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to stay up to date with other coffee-related news.

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