How Can An Office Coffee Expert Help Your Business?

Alec Baldwin in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross really said it best when he uttered the classic line: “coffee is for closers”. While this iconic film is of course a fictional representation of the business world, there is some truth to the ‘closing’ power of coffee. First impressions with clients are crucial, and the quality of the coffee you serve can be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship or a meeting that was doomed from the start! But don’t panic, our office coffee experts can help you have the best in-office coffee and tea options on-hand to make existing and potential clients comfortable when visiting to make important decisions. What to find out more about exactly how an office coffee expert can help your business? Read on.

Invest in a good quality coffee machine

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, our office coffee experts will tell you achieving the best brew starts with a high-quality coffee machine. While there’s nothing wrong with having a preference for instant coffee, having the option to create a full-bodied espresso or a perfectly foamed cappuccino creates a much better first impression on clients, customers and new recruits. We have a range of affordable but good quality machines available to suit small, medium and large businesses, and our office coffee experts can provide advice on which set up will best suit your needs. What’s more, you also have the option to rent a coffee machine if you’re looking for a more flexible arrangement. So the next time you have a big meeting on the books, don’t settle for a lacklustre latte. Buy or rent a coffee machine for your office and help seal the deal.

Source the best beans and teas

Investing in a coffee machine is the first step in creating a warm beverage, but as our office coffee experts will tell you, using good quality coffee beans and teas is just as vital. That’s why our packages include either house-roasted beans for all automatic and traditional espresso machines, coffee pods for the capsule machines and pre-dosed filters for the filter coffee systems. When you call and talk to our office coffee experts, they’ll be able to recommend the best coffee style and machine set up, so you’ll be creating cafe-quality caffeine for clients and customers in no time.

Learn from an office coffee expert

So, you’ve got the coffee machine and you’ve got your beans, capsules or filters – now it’s time to make a cup. Using a coffee machine is simple, but at the same time requires a bit of skill. Mastering the techniques behind creating the perfect long black, latte or cappuccino gives you and your business the impression of being polished, confident and professional. When you choose Corporate Coffee Solutions, you’ll have access to our office coffee experts and their years of experience creating barista-style coffee. We offer a no-obligation demonstration at our showrooms located in Melbourne and Brisbane, so you can see our coffee machines in action and learn how to make a showstopper coffee every time. Alternatively, our office coffee experts can come over to your workplace for a demonstration and tasting.

A cafe-quality coffee is a perfect way to make a good first impression and complement any sales meeting. At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we can provide you with the right machine, materials and skills to make it happen. Book your free demonstration or coffee tasting at Corporate Coffee Solutions and seal the deal.

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