Grind and the Glory: Best New Office Coffee Machines

Forget Italy and South America, Australia is home to a great number of coffee snobs that know what they like and are willing to invest in the right coffee machines. This is great news for Australian offices because the standard of beans and machines are so fine that perfect morning coffee is practically inevitable. Now, how do you know which coffee machine is right for your office? Corporate Coffee is proud to supply great minds with great machines, and we’re going to review some of these today. Now let’s get roasting.

Hero F11

Hero F11 - Office Coffee Machine with fresh milk

Designed for medium-sized offices, the Hero F11 is deceptively small but makes a coffee with an impact. The Hero F11 is a bean to cup coffee machine, which will most definitely become the hero of your office. With an elegant and compact design, the Hero F11 is very easy to use and can prepare all of your favourite types of hot beverages, from espressos to cappuccinos. The Hero F11 has a high capacity double shot brewer which allows for a greater range of drink variations, and can be simply controlled via a 7″ touchscreen with a fully automatic one touch operation. Additionally, with an adjustable temperature milk system, it’s the ideal solution for everyone to make their perfect cup of tea/coffee.

Saeco Aulika Top

Saeco Aulika Top - Bean to Cup office coffee machine with fresh milk

Designed for medium-sized offices, the Saeco Aulika Top is a stunning machine that is furnishing offices all over Australia. Italian-made, this stainless steel coffee machine is a bean to cup coffee machine using fresh milk, with an illuminated keypad for easy use. We often find that our customers are not too keen on the maintenance side of having a coffee machine, so enjoy the self-cleaning function and separate steam arm. You can also adjust the coffee strength by programming the machine, allowing you to design your perfect latte.

WMF 1500s

WMF1500 - Fully automatic high duty office coffee machine

Designed for large offices, the WMF 1500s is also a bean to coffee cup machine that uses fresh milk. This is one of our most technologically advanced machines and is fully automatic with one-touch operation. Your finance team will be pleased to learn that the machine also has an ‘ECO mode’ which reduced power consumption considerably. This German-made machine features a precision grinder, 3 drink size options, and will even preheat your cups on those chilly mornings.

Rheavendor XS Grande

Rheavendor XS Grande - Automatic Bean To Cup Espresso machine for workplaces

Designed for extra-large offices, this gorgeous coffee machine is a sight to behold. It has ten custom beverage menu options, catering to the tastes of all employees. The Rheavendor XS Grande is Italian made and fitted with some of the most advanced machine technology. It includes an integrated cleaning system, low energy consumption with LED lights, and a state of the art VHO brewing unit. If you’re considering this machine, note that you will need to have the coffee machine connected to your plumbing, so reserve a space for your machine that is close to your power and plumbing.

These are just four of the many coffee machines we have on hand at Corporate Coffee, available for purchase or hire. We always invite our clients to stop by the warehouse and sample the machines and the coffees they produce before making the decision on which coffee machine to bring back to the office. Catering to small, medium, large and extra-large workforces, our team has the machine you desire. Contact our Corporate Coffee team today to organise a visit and coffee at our warehouse.

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