Great coffee, a great reason to start work early

With the rising trend in coffee quality, it is clear that instant coffee which offers no scope to make the milk-based drinks which we have all come to love, no longer cuts it. The answer is to rent or buy a coffee machine for your office.

“We make it easy to create that coffee shop setting in the workplace by pulling together all the essential requirements: the coffee, the machine and the accessories”, explains Phil Gaynor, Operations Manager at Corporate Coffee Solutions. “Our technical service and comprehensive after sales service will ensure that your overall experience is a great one.”

You can make your choice out of a wide range of traditional and automatic coffee machines from leading Italian and Suisse manufacturers including Franke, Saeco, WMF and Fiorenzato. Whether you are a small office wanting to prepare your own barista style lattes or a larger workplace that wants your staff to be able to prepare their favourite coffee, we’ve got you covered. We also supply all the name brands of freshly roasted coffee beans. So there is definitely a machine and coffee that perfectly matches your specific workplace requirements.

“Our aim is to give staff a reason to want to get into work 10 minutes earlier each day to enjoy a freshly brewed, top quality coffee which they know is always going to taste just great“, concludes Phil.

There are so many great reasons to invest in a coffee machine for your workplace. Our team will work out the best solution for your office. All our details and information can be found here, so please be sure to contact us.

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