Coffee Bean Connoisseur – 5 Reasons Fresh Coffee Beans Are Better Than Instant

A lot of people who are used to the more mundane flavour of instant don’t know what they’re missing out on when it comes to the coffee experience. From the depth of flavour to the intricacies that come from coffee beans in various climates, there is as much to experiencing coffee as there is to wine. Despite these complex flavours, instant coffee continues to be the easy option that attracts those who are looking for a quick coffee. There are many coffee machines and coffee apparatus options that use coffee beans and can be brewed and enjoyed in no time at all. If you’re open to bringing beans to your office, here are 5 reasons fresh coffee beans are better than instant.


Range of coffee types

You can’t make espresso with instant coffee, and you certainly can’t make a cappuccino. Range of flavour and coffee brewing methods is a key reason many bring a coffee machine into their office. In the same way, your team are different in their interests and skillset, so is their taste in coffee and you want to be appealing to those preferences across the board with the beans that can be used in a number of ways. This is also a great look when you ask clients or visitors to the office how they like their coffee and can achieve this with a flourish thanks to your fresh beans.


Higher caffeine content

It’s not just the latte art that has us coming back to coffee beans time and time again, it’s actually the greater caffeine content that you get when compared with instant coffee. Instant coffee can only deliver up to 60-80g of caffeine per cup of coffee, whereas a cup of bean coffee can be anywhere from 60-120g of caffeine. If our coffee isn’t bringing that pep in our step – then what is the point? Sure, there is the ritual of drinking coffee but beans will give you that cathartic moment of quiet as well as a productivity boost. When considering the office environment, these factors are critical, otherwise, your team will be consuming many instant coffees throughout the day or will leave the office in search of something stronger.


Control over the roast and origin

There is a real pleasure in experimenting with light and dark coffee bean roasts, and being able to train your palette to identify the nuances of an Arabica and a Robusta bean. It’s at this point when you can truly design a personal coffee style – light roasts for cold brew, and a darker roast for espresso. You might also find that you prefer Middle Eastern blends over the other options on the market. Many of our customers are adventurous with their coffee bean selection and have made their way through our range of beans, which beats only getting your coffee education from Nestle and Nestle alone. Coffee beans might also encourage some engagement in the office with the bean selection being a shared responsibility so that everyone can curate and critique.


The mastery of your milk

Instant coffee might be one crime, but arguably the worse one is to fill up the cup with a dash of cold milk. This isn’t how we are supposed to have milk in our coffees, and fresh coffee beans provide us with the reason to steam our milk and dedicate as much education in that area as we do our bean selection. There might be a couple of people in your office who couldn’t notice the difference between light and dark roast – because it’s the velvety milk that is the star of the show for them. By choosing coffee beans over instant, you are opening your coffee amenities up to include the other barista-style touches.


Greater authenticity

There is research to suggest that antioxidants that are found in coffee do not have the same volume when they are sitting on a shelf for who knows how long, already ground and processed in a jar. Coffee beans, on the other hand, you will find professionally sealed and don’t seem to last on the shelf that long. For most coffee bean providers, the roasting and packaging actually happen locally so you are getting a more authentic experience. If you don’t believe us, how is it that freshly ground coffee beans have such an incredibly overpowering smell when compared to their instant counterpart?


You don’t have to think too hard about which side of the debate we land on, as our range of coffee beans and experience in brewing coffee has allowed us to fine-tune our craft which you simply cannot achieve with an instant coffee. If you would like to learn about the roasts available through Corporate Coffee, reach out to the team today.

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