Focus On: Fair Trade Fortnight 6th-19th August 2021

Since the 1980’s, the fairtrade status of coffee has become a central focus for many coffee bean distributors and consumers. Fairtrade status gives these small scale coffee farmers a chance to increase production from their farms whilst still keeping their income steady and at a level that allows them to improve their lives. 

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we’re a big believer in supporting coffee manufacturers who are committed to providing safe conditions and fair market prices for small scale farmers. That’s why this year we’re throwing our support behind Fair Trade Fortnight.

What exactly is Fair Trade Fortnight?

Fair Trade Fortnight is a charity initiative of Fairtrade Australia, which is dedicated to raising awareness around fairtrade products. The fortnight runs from the 6th-19th August 2021 and will feature nationwide events and initiatives to support and celebrate fairtrade coffee. Fair Trade Fortnight is a fantastic way to raise awareness for the cause and we’re really proud to raise awareness of this yearly event. 

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

You’ve probably heard this term before, and while it’s assumed for fairtrade coffee to be a good thing, not many people know exactly what it means. Fairtrade coffee is actually a term used to describe coffee that meets certain standards of quality. The term can be used with both coffees and other products such as chocolate, tea, sugar, soaps, and cosmetics. So what does fairtrade mean? It’s basically human rights which includes several key stipulations:

  • Transparency in pricing; meaning that producers are paid a fair price for their product.
  • Transparency in production methods; meaning that the growers document, track, and provide information regarding their production methods to buyers, consumers, or other stakeholders.
  • Equal treatment of all parties involved; meaning that no party is prioritized over another when operating the product in an equitable fashion.
  • Remuneration for workers; meaning that workers are paid a fair wage.
  • An ability to be self-sufficient; meaning that there is an ability by the producers to sustain themselves and their families by operating the business.

Why is fairtrade important?

Producing coffee is a very labour-intensive process and farmers are often paid unfairly for their hard work. Traditionally, farmers are paid just 30% of the final cost of their product and it can take a lot to get that coffee to your table. The middlemen involved in transporting the product from the farm to your local supermarket can make up to 40% profit on the end price. A big key factor in fairtrade status is that it increases the price paid to farmers by providing them with a good living wage. Nowadays, fairtrade coffee can be found on the shelves of over 10,000 supermarkets, including Coles and Aldi. Stocking fairtrade coffee in the workplace is also a great way to show employees, clients and stakeholders that you ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to social responsibility.

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we’re big fans of fairtrade coffee and have developed strong relationships with our countless clients over the years. By promoting fairtrade status and the awareness of events such as Fair Trade Fortnight, we’re able to support farmers throughout the coffee industry by providing them with a much needed income. 

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