Finding The Right and Delicious Coffee Roast For Your Palette

Coffee is complex, and not simply because of the various flavours and aromas, it can produce. Of course, there are different ways in which people take their coffee. Some switch on an automatic coffee machine and let it do the work for them, whilst others like to take a more hands-on approach with specific coffee roasts. 

There are those who want their espresso transfused with the flavour of milk to create a delightful and easy-to-sip flavour; this usually comes in the form of a latte, or perhaps a flat white. Then, there are those who prefer not to have their coffee diluted at all, opting instead for the pure taste of espresso or ristretto. 

But, all true coffee addicts will know that the flavour of your drink depends on more than simply how much milk and sugar you add. There is a range of coffee roast types that impact the flavour. So, we explore the range of coffee roast types, to find the one that is preferable for your palette.

Roast Types

Dark Roast

The dark coffee roast used to be a favourite amongst the coffee connoisseurs of the community and is still commonly found in French or Italian coffee brands. With its deep colour and rich aroma, it’s simple to assume that this type is the best and most pure form of coffee bean. However, whilst this is still one of the more popular coffee roast types for an espresso shot, a dark coffee roast is often a mask for coffee beans that are not of the highest quality. 

Medium Roast 

As the name suggests, a medium coffee roast is the mid-way between dark and light. They can be consumed by less experienced coffee drinkers, but are still also appropriate to make up the rich flavour of espresso. They tend to be less acidic than their lighter counterpart and have more nuance to their flavour as opposed to the darker coffee roast. When looking out for the best coffee beans for your medium roast, you should look for coffee from countries like Columbia or Brazil. 

Light Roast

The light roast is a deceptive name as you may assume that it is the least complex in flavour. However, this evolved roast has a nuance to its taste, revealing a variety of complex notes throughout. Whilst this is perhaps not the best option to choose when making a pure coffee such as espresso, its delightful flavour makes it the perfect choice for people looking to dip their toes into this large pool. This roast is the least bitter, and you can find a more floral flavour than the deeper counterparts. Opt for Ethiopian coffee beans if you’re looking for the best coffee to try this flavour. 

coffee roast

Which Should I Opt For?

So, now that you know the difference between the flavours of each coffee roast and which coffee bean, which one should you opt for when starting up your coffee machine in the morning, whether it is an automatic coffee machine or a semi-automatic coffee machine? Well, it’s really dependent on the kind of coffee you’re creating. If you’re a dedicated latte, flat white or cappuccino fan then the medium roast would work the best for you. The strength of the coffee roast will still cut through the milk to give it a nice and complex flavour, without becoming too overpowering.

Whilst espresso shots tend to be made with a medium or dark roast when drinking your coffee black, you can choose whichever coffee roast is the most preferential for your palette, as it won’t be diluted by another flavour or specific coffee bean. A light coffee roast is a perfect option for those looking to experience the flavour of pure coffee, but are not yet ready for the bitterness that can come with a darker roast. 

Some people love to get up in the morning to their semi-automatic coffee machine and be a part of the process when making their morning cup of joe, whilst others opt for a more sit back and relax approach, making, grinding coffee beans and drinking coffee is a personal process. So, whether you like the strength and slight bitterness of a dark coffee roast, or leave room for milk with a medium coffee roast, it is all up to your personal preference.

To learn more about coffee roasts and coffee machines contact Corporate Coffee Solutions, to learn about the different flavours and tastes that meet your preferences.

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