Brisbane & Beans: The Evolution of Coffee Culture

Italy. South America. Greece. Australia. These are the countries that usually come to mind when you think of full, robust, premium quality coffee. When you think of places with good coffee, you can’t help but think about their coffee culture as well. Melbourne in particular is considered the crown jewel of coffee culture. Office workers grabbing an espresso to go on their way to the work. Groups of friends enjoying a cappuccino with their smashed avo on toast on a slow Sunday morning. But what most people don’t realise is that Brisbane’s coffee culture offers all of this and more. In fact, the history of coffee in this burgeoning city is just as rich and full-bodied as the beans on offer.

The Home Of Coffee In Australia

Coffee arrived in Australia with the first fleet in 1773, but the coffee plants the British secured while stopped in Rio de Janeiro failed to cultivate. Fast forward fifty years, and Australia’s first successful coffee crop was recorded at Kangaroo Point in 1832. That’s right, Australia’s iconic coffee culture got its start right here in Brisbane. As coffee in Australia grew, it was shaped by the high standards and tastes of our multicultural society. Greek, Italian and Brazilian influences helped elevate Australian coffee to what it is today. From humble beginnings, Brisbane cafes now boast a coffee list that rivals their wine offerings.

Developing Coffee Culture

We all know coffee is more than just water poured through beans. From morning routines and break room catch-ups to first dates and family reunions – coffee is there. Brisbane boasts a wide range of up-and-coming cafes in which to indulge in the best parts of coffee culture. Whether you’re a Brisbane native or a frequent visitor, make sure you check out New Farm, Woolloongabba, West End and South Bank. These burgeoning areas are home to a range of vibrant cafe’s to suit every coffee palate. Many of Woolloongabba’s cafes surround the Gabba stadium, with options scattered along Logan Road and Stanley Street. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding Greek and Italian restaurants, West End is known as the bohemian end of Brisbane and there are many cafes sprinkled throughout. When you think of iconic Brisbane locations, you can’t help but think of South Bank. Known for its beach in the middle of the city, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cafes.

Can’t Beat Brisbane Beans

With so many café options available nationwide, the competition to stand out and retain customers is high, and the Brisbane coffee scene is no exception. For example, if the coffee on offer doesn’t live up to high standards, consumers only need to go a few streets over to find a better option. This also applies to the quality of beans – patrons might forgive a shabby décor or an awkward location, but poor quality coffee is a cardinal sin. You don’t need to be a caffeine connoisseur to identify cheap beans with an acidic aftertaste. However, it’s this intense competition that has pushed Brisbane coffee culture to evolve into what it is today. The café and coffee options are on the same level as iconic Melbourne coffee because they have to be to survive!

The Ultimate Coffee Break Location

Winter in Melbourne is frosty – making it the perfect spot for hiding in a cosy café with a warm cup of coffee. Brisbane on the other hand offers some of the best outdoor dining experiences in Australia. You can warm up with a cappuccino in the winter, then cool off with a delicious cold brew over the spring and summer months. Unlike Melbourne, Brisbane coffee culture offers the ultimate sipping experience year-round.

Quality Coffee At Home

From humble beginnings, Brisbane’s coffee scene has evolved to offer something for every palette. A simple espresso shot provides a wide range of flavours, blends and experiences. What’s more, Brisbane cafes offer an exclusive signature blend, so you can create your go-to caffeine kick right at home. Indulging in a rich, full-bodied flat white with your acai bowl doesn’t just have to remain a weekend activity. Brisbane’s coffee offerings allow you to enjoy your favourite blend at any time.

Australian coffee culture is stuff of legend, and Brisbane’s offerings have evolved to earn their place alongside iconic destinations like Melbourne. Want to bring the Brisbane coffee experience to your office space? Contact Corporate Coffee Solutions today and explore our wide range of café quality coffee machines.

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