Creative Coffee – 3 Easy Coffee Designs to Impress Your Colleagues

With the uprising of the millennials came the beginning of the coffee culture, a culture that’s helped coffee making evolve into the art form that it is today. This ongoing craze has seen speciality coffees become a fixed part of the population’s daily routine with coffee shops popping up in their masses on every high street. The coffee game is now a huge 100 billion dollar, a worldwide industry that has made coffee so accessible that people are now turning their hand to a little coffee making and design of their own- could there be a better way to impress your friends and colleagues? These simple tips will guide you through the process of becoming a truly creative coffee maker.

The Classic Heart

All coffee making starts with the selection of the perfect coffee beans. Do you prefer Arabica or Robusta beans? Single origin or blends? There’s a huge variety out there and everyone has their own preference so it’s important to do your research, and some tasting before selecting the coffee beans for you. Once selected and brewed to make your espresso shot add this to a large coffee mug. You’ll then need to add your steamed milk. Do this by holding the mug at a 45-degree angle, with the other hand hold your jug of steamed milk above the mug. When pouring the milk start with the jug quite high above the mug and as you’re pouring bring it closer. When the mug is almost full gently move the jug from side to side whilst still pouring then move the jug to the edge of the cup to create the point of the heart- a beautiful but simple design to kick start your creative coffee artistry.

The Rosetta

Preparing the milk perfectly is key to a great coffee design. Firstly, don’t heat the milk before steaming it. Use the wand on the espresso machine to heat the full-fat milk. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can purchase milk frothier for as little as $10 that will give you the same results. When steaming the milk, you should aim to reach a temperature of 140F-180F, if you see large bubbles start to form you’ve overheated it. The finished product should look glossy and creamy which means it’s ready to add to your espresso. To create the Rosetta, use a similar technique to the heart design but move the jug more rapidly from side to side and hold the jug higher at the end to create a thinner line through the Rosetta at the end. Here’s a link to a video to help you create this more complex coffee design:


Once you’ve mastered the classic heart and the Rosetta with your new free pouring skills you have the option you take it up a notch with some etching. Etching removes all the limitations and allows you to create any design you’d like using syrup and other tools. Here’s a link that shows you the basic etching skills you’ll need to develop before unleashing your inner artist and creating your new masterpieces:


Now you have the knowledge you can start practicing your new found skills and be sure to impress your friends, family, clients and colleagues with your innovative designs and creations.


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