Coffee vs Tea Health Benefits

The debate between caffeine nuts and tea enthusiasts may seem endless, with each camp arguing that their beverage is the superior cup. Well, the science is finally in, and the results may surprise you! It turns out that both of our favourite hot beverages come with their own set of health benefits, so tea drinkers and caffeine enthusiasts alike can enjoy their cuppas as definite fixtures of their daily wellness routine.

Our coffee experts at Corporate Coffee Solutions assert that aside from both being hot drinks, there are a few distinctions that must be made between coffee and tea. Their health benefits are also quite singular.

Here’s a little overview of how tea and coffee can bring a little wellness to your work life. 

How caffeine cares

There are a few noteworthy reasons why a cup of coffee in the morning can actually have both an invigorating and soothing effect. Not only does caffeine work as a stimulant by prompting your brain to release adrenaline and adenosine, but it can also help reduce inflammation in the body, which is why some recommend having a cup of coffee to recover after workouts.

Caffeine can also be used as a natural method of pain relief. There’s also been a growing amount of literature in recent years detailing a positive correlation between caffeine consumption and a reduced risk of heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, as well as liver cancer, colon cancer, and potentially even melanomas too. And if the physical benefits weren’t enough, the research linking coffee consumption to increased focus, mental clarity, and other mental and emotional health benefits, should be more than enough reason to introduce a quality coffee machine in your workplace.

It’s worth noting that adding cream and sugar to your daily cup may negate some of the health benefits outlined above, so be sure to look into our alternatives to traditional creamers. It may be worth consulting with your GP if you have any queries surrounding your daily caffeine consumption.

Therapy through tea

Just as coffee has its fair share of polyphenols, so too does a soothing cup of tea! That may not come as much of a surprise, however, as the high antioxidant count of green teas, oolong, and other well-known brews has been well-documented for the past several decades. What you may not know is that different types of tea have their own health benefits. For instance, some blends can hold a higher polyphenol count, and a tea’s polyphenol count is largely influenced by the methods used to produce that tea. 

Green tea leaves are steamed during their processing, which helps them retain a larger number of naturally derived antioxidants, or antioxidants that are already found in unprocessed Camellia plants, the plants that most tea variants actually come from. Herbal teas can be a fantastic method of staving away most cancers, as well as promoting heart health by reducing your body’s cholesterol levels and essentially reducing your risks of stroke and heart disease. 

Stronger brews like black and red tea, actually incorporate a process of fermentation, which can result in less polyphenols, but an increase in caffeine, so black teas can actually have similar health benefits to coffee!

Check out our selection of soothing teas and infusions to help you find your perfect cup.

Choosing your perfect brew

Now that you’ve gotten to grips with the respective health benefits of tea and coffee, it’s time to use all your newfound knowledge to help you select your perfect cup. Really consider what health benefits you feel may be most suitable to you, as well as the method of preparation you feel aligns best with your day-to-day.

If you live on the move, tea bags and instant coffee may be a touch easier to work with. If you do want a barista level experience in your day-to-day, you’ll be glad to hear that Corporate Coffee Solutions stocks a selection of quality coffee machines that are bound to be perfectly at home in your workplace.


If you had any questions at all surrounding the health benefits of our products or our coffee machine rental services, feel free to get in touch with our professional roast enthusiasts here at Corporate Coffee Solutions.

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