Coffee Country: Where Do The Best Beans Come From?

The daily ritual of a cup of coffee is non-negotiable for so many people worldwide. Maybe you’re your own barista with a preference in coffee beans; or perhaps you prefer to get your coffee fix by making a fresh cup in the office. But undoubtedly one question pops up in every caffeine connoisseur’s mind, where do the best coffee beans actually come from?  Whether it’s a cup filled with floral flavours, or a strong dark roast, we explore the various regions that boast the best beans. 

Ethiopian Beans

If you’re looking for the original home of coffee, you’ve found it when entering Ethiopia. Ethiopia boasts the title of the original home of coffee as for centuries they’ve had coffee trees growing in the wild. 

Ethiopia is known to have some of the best coffee varieties, with the especially famous Harrar variety which is grown in the Eastern part of the country. This particular variety is known for its fruity and sometimes spicy flavour. Often being compared to wine with its specific taste.

Colombian Beans

If you’re looking for a top player in the coffee game, many would consider Columbia to own this title; as they supply about 15% of the world’s coffee, so chances are if you own a coffee machine, the beans are likely to be Colombian. 

Columbia grows some of the best beans due to the coffee plant thriving in the country’s environment. The high quality coffee evokes flavours of caramel, chocolate and nuts. The flavours are often compared to Brazilian beans, however the Colombian counterpart offers more acidity. Columbian coffee’s mix of acidity, sweetness and body makes them ideal for espresso and various blends, hence their popularity. 


If a dark roast is what you’re after then Brazilian beans are a game changer for you. Brazil is the overall winner when it comes to the coffee beans supply game, supplying the world with approximately 60% of its beans. 

Brazilian coffee is famous for having rich dark roasts, minus the bitter component that can so often come with stronger flavours. Brazilian coffee boasts a sweet, rich nutty flavour and due to the mildness of the beans, it is present in many blends as it helps to balance out the more intense flavours of other varieties. 

Costa Rica

If you’re looking to pop a strong, rich robust flavoured coffee bean into your semi automatic coffee machine to have the full at home barista experience, then Costa Rican coffee beans are the ideal choice. Noteworthy aspects of the Costa Rican coffee flavour is their clean crisp taste.

As they are grown in high altitudes, Costa Rican beans are typically a hardy bean. However this adds a zest to the bean not present in many others. The bean also pairs well for the milk lovers as when roasted they become sweet with a higher acidity, so crack out the automatic coffee machine and create the perfect latte or cappuccino with fresh Costa Rican beans. 

Be it a dark roasted Brazilian bean, or a zesty Costa Rican one, there’s a bean in every region for every kind of coffee lover out there. So get roasting for your best cup of coffee yet.

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