Coffee Clean Up: How To Take Care Of Your Office Coffee Machine

The office coffee machine is often the unsung hero of the workplace. It revitalises its coworkers, never complains and is always working, they are truly a contender for employee of the year. So, much like any other employee they should be taken care of for the good work they do, and treated with respect. Ensuring that your coffee machine is properly cleaned and looked after will not only benefit your machine but also the other employees, nobody wants a dirty appliance after all. To ensure your machine stays in top condition, we’ve detailed how to properly maintain it to keep it running at its highest capacity. 

Create A Roster

The simplest, and yet one of the most important tips with how to ensure the office coffee machine lives up to its fullest potential, is to create a cleaning roster. Whilst there is no doubt that within our homes we ensure everything is properly looked after and hygienic, in a busy office it is not uncommon to simply assume somebody else is doing the end of the day clean up. A roster of a few people each week makes certain that the work is being shared around whilst also holding someone responsible for the machine maintenance. 

Do Your Research 

It’s important to understand the kind of machine you’re dealing with. The first step seems obvious but can often be forgotten about; read the manual. A coffee machine is a piece of technology that can still be damaged if used incorrectly, so making sure that you know how to give it a deep clean without accidentally breaking it is vital. If you can’t find a physical manual, a copy can often be found online right here.

 If you’re still unable to find a guide but want to give your machine a tidy up, make sure you reach out to our customer service team as it’s still imperative that you try and establish what kind of expertise you’re using. If you are located within a larger office, it’s likely that it is an automatic coffee machine such as the Hero F2 Plus, to maximise efficiency. Ensure that dried milk or coffee residue from the machine is removed, generally, these are more simple to clean. Alternatively, it could be a capsule machine such as the Capsule Qualita Coffee Machine. It’s essential to empty it of the pods and dispose of them into the proper place. 

If you have a smaller office, and have less employees desperately trying to get their morning cup of joe before they head to a day of spreadsheets and phone calls, then it’s more likely that it houses a semi-automatic coffee machine like the Fiorenzato Lido. These require a little more upkeep. Such as ensuring the steam nozzle is cleaned of dried up milk and coffee grounds are disposed of properly. 


Over time, your coffee machine fills up with such minerals as calcium and magnesium, which overtime is going to accumulate inside the machine and compromise the coffee’s flavour whilst also stopping the machine from working properly. This is why you should properly descale your machine regularly. There are brand specific descalers you can purchase, as well as more general ones. It’s vital you follow the manual here to avoid hurting your appliance. 

It’s always important to treat your apparatus with respect, in any situation, but especially when it happens to be something you use daily and contributes significantly to your workplace. By roping in coworkers, and keeping your coffee machine well maintained, it will avoid problems in the long haul and keep your latte smooth and tasty.

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