Close Quarters Coffee – How To Get Your Caffeine Kick When Working From Home

No matter what your experience has been to date, working from home has been a significant adjustment for all. One thing that has remained consistent is our need for caffeine, fueling our productivity and providing some comfort in a turbulent time that doesn’t appear to have an end date. With each passing week, we enhance our surroundings as our four walls become more and more familiar. If you haven’t got the same amenities at home that you do in the office, you don’t have to go without your caffeine kicks. Corporate Coffee has long been supplying small offices, home offices and sole traders with the hardware and beans to get you through the day. Here’s how you can get your caffeine kick when working from home.

Get a small coffee machine for home

Not surprisingly, many have flocked to buy a small coffee machine to complement the home office. The kettle just doesn’t seem to cut it between Monday and Friday, and whipping down the road to grab a coffee is not only expensive, but it’s been deemed non-essential by the powers that be. In 2020, you no longer need to hook a coffee machine up to your plumbing to get the perfect cappuccino, these compact machines have sophisticated engineering and technology that’s easy to get started, non-obtrusive, and might even transport you to your favourite cafe. 

Here at Corporate Coffee, we have a fine collection of small coffee machines that are fully equipped to make a barista level coffee, all without leaving your home or even getting out of your pyjamas. We also have a solution to fit all experience levels to include bean coffee machines, capsule coffee machines and even filter coffee machines. This isolation might even be the time to challenge yourself and improve your crema or get a better extraction, so don’t be afraid to try a machine that feels a little out of your league. 

Consider renting a machine 

Given the open-ended nature of this global pandemic, you might want to consider a rental option so you can have the flexibility to extend or cancel as required. This might also be a more affordable option if the price is a consideration, and it means you can go for the best model available without the upfront commitment. It also means that all maintenance is the responsibility of our experienced team, with our team available for support and care instructions. You can also level up your machine and change your plan when you want to, with so many fantastic machines to try.

As coffee connoisseurs, we also carry a selection of premium coffee beans that you can order with our Corporate Coffee roastery. Whether you like a light, medium or dark roast – you will find a range of each here at Corporate Coffee, and our customers will have full access to our wide catalogue with priority ordering. If you’re not sure where to start with your coffee roasting selection, we are happy to point you in the right direction based off your coffee of choice and the beans or brands you are used to grinding. We’ll take this information and do out best to put forward the right beans based on the notes you are looking for.

Remember to honour your coffee rituals at home

Getting that caffeine kick is about more than just the chemical reaction and productivity that follows, it’s also about the ritual of having a coffee. When you purchase or hire a small coffee machine, also establish an area that you can enjoy your coffee, or even simulate the experience you are used to at the office or in a cafe. You might choose to take your coffee with an informal zoom catch-up with the usual suspects you often grab a coffee with, or maybe you want to enjoy it outside before you head into your home office area. So many of our favourite things are psychologically wrapped within the habits and rituals that come with, so set about honouring your coffee time and be intentional with where and how you get your kick of caffeine.

Get in touch with our Corporate Coffee team today to learn more about our small coffee machines, and which option is going to be best for your needs. Our team is still available around the clock with no disruption to our dispatches, and we are ready to set up our community with the best cups of coffee to make isolation bearable. Contact Corporate Coffee today!

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