Caffeine Kicks – 5 Benefits Of Coffee In The Office

Many of us don’t even consider starting our day without a cup of coffee, which is why the industry has become one of the most lucrative in the world. Now, with fine coffee more accessible than ever, more and more people are starting to enjoy the caffeine kick that it delivers during all hours of the day and this includes at the office. Below are 5 benefits of drinking coffee in the workplace.

Increase Productivity

We all know that coffee makes us more alert, but it’s also reported to improve cognition and memory too. It’s therefore easy to understand why we are more likely to be productive and efficient in the office after a coffee break compared to when we are feeling tired and lethargic. With this liquid motivation at hand, we can move past the procrastination phase and focus on getting that new project off the ground.  

Reduce Stress

There’s an extensive range of reasons why we may become stressed at work. Difficult clients, pending deadlines and endless amounts of pressure are just a few of the reasons why stress can take hold in the workplace. Some researchers have claimed that caffeine blocks certain receptors in the brain from causing stress responses which leaves us less likely to feel uptight and fraught when faced with unavoidable difficult situations.


As well as having properties that affect the biological responses of our body drinking coffee has social benefits too. Taking regular breaks from your desk to put on a pot of coffee and chat with your colleagues not only reduces stress, increases productivity but allows you to socialise more making you generally more content at work. Who knew the coffee machine would become the new water cooler.

Pain Relief

Working within an office environment means that you’re likely to have to sit in one place looking at the same computer for sustained periods of time and this can cause all sorts of aches and pains. Many studies have found that drinking coffee can reduce pain development caused by sitting for long hours compared to people who did not touch a drop of coffee. With the results suggesting that caffeine is a pain moderator why wouldn’t you indulge yourself with a full-flavoured mid morning coffee.

Positive Atmosphere

The above points demonstrate how drinking coffee at work can create an overall more positive office environment. Who wouldn’t want to work with a team of people who are motivated, productive, relaxed and generally more perky? Sounds like an ideal backdrop for some inspiring work to take place.

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