5 Reasons Why Australian Coffee Is Better Than Anywhere Else

Australian coffee culture is a thing of legends. This is especially true for Melbournians, who have taken cafe culture to an art form, and one that is thought to be highly representative of the city as a whole. It’s practically impossible to walk down a bustling city street in Australia without seeing rows of cafes and restaurants serving perfectly-brewed cups of caffeine, and with that level of dedication, you can expect that Australian coffee is held to a high standard.

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we’ve built an entire business around ensuring that businesses across the country have access to premium-quality coffee machines and beans at a reasonable price. So, froth your milk, pack your portafilter, and read on to learn why Australian coffee is so fantastic!

Competition is High

It has been reported that Australia is the only country where Starbucks has had to shrink its operations, going from 84 stores to a meagre 24 nationwide, and it’s easy to see why. Coffee culture has a firm grasp on the hearts and minds of people across Australia, and where there’s demand, there’s supply. As of 2018, there were over 20,000 cafes in Australia alone, and that’s not taking into consideration other establishments that serve a good cup o’ Joe. With that many cafes vying for the attention of potential customers, the expectation for quality is high.

A cafe can get away with a lot of things, such as setting up shop in elevators and converted warehouses, but bad coffee will not be tolerated by the caffeine-loving public. Therefore, for a coffee shop to stand the test of time, you can be sure that it’s producing a good brew.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

When most people think of delicious, complex coffee, their minds will generally go to places like Italy and Greece. However, while Italian coffee is of exceptional quality, it’s also seen to be stuck in time, with many traditionalists still unwilling to change coffee habits that have stuck around for lifetimes.

This is what sets Australian coffee apart. As a very multicultural society, Australia has absorbed the high standards for coffee shared by countries like Greece, Italy, and Brasil, whilst also embracing experimentation and exploration with traditional methods from across the globe. Many cafes and restaurants in Australia will have coffee lists that rival their wine selection for sheer variety, meaning that two coffee enthusiasts can have entirely different tastes when it comes to their perfect pick-me-up.

Bean Variety & Quality

While the variety of brewing and preparation methods is all well and good, it doesn’t make much of a difference if you’re working with bad beans. Luckily, Australia has access to an incredible array of coffee beans. As a matter of fact, one trend that has caught on in recent years is the cafe-exclusive signature blend, with many cafes now offering their own branded coffee beans that you can buy for personal use. Some of our personal favourite coffee brands include:

  • Natural Bean
  • Grand Milano
  • Miko
  • Red Earth
  • Puro
  • Private Label

Some Australian cafes scattered across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have become known for their signature blends, ensuring that a great cup of Australian coffee is never hard to find.


Australia is known for many things, but its coffee culture is something that is globally recognised as one of the best in the world. If you want to ensure that you have access to a cafe-quality coffee anytime, anywhere, then contact Corporate Coffee Solutions today. We offer a range of office coffee machine hiring options to suit your needs and preferences, so you never have to worry about finding that perfect brew again.

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