5 Coffee Machines That Are Perfect For Events

Morning, noon or night, there are very few events that won’t have a coffee station where attendees congregate and recharge during the event proceedings. The question becomes, which coffee machine is right for your event, and why? Here at Corporate Coffee, we are a preferred supplier of coffee beans, coffee machines and of course our coffee machine hire for events. We’ve taken the time to review which machines are perfect for events, and what size and format they are best designed to service. 

Brew 1801 Thermos – informal or large events

When it comes to coffee machine hire for events, the Brew 1801 Thermos are what you typically expect to see at an informal or large event, due to the ease of use. Their compact design can contain up to six litres of fresh coffee, maintaining the heat for more than four hours, although your options are limited to black and white coffee only. If your event has a number of rooms part of the event, the Brew 1801 Thermos can be scattered in various public areas so that each event attendee can access the coffee. Alternatively, you can place a thermos at the centre of each table and have your attendees help themselves, allowing you to reduce break times and get through your event content quicker. 

The Fiorenzato range – staffed, premium events

If your event is being staffed by the venue or a catering company, then we would suggest the stunning Fiorenzato Lido or the Fiorenzato Ducale. These Italian-made espresso machines allow two baristas on the machine, and your event attendees to enjoy a barista coffee. It will also bring a premium edge to your event, and perhaps an opportunity to use some branded coffee cups to enhance your event. Given that these coffees take a little more time to prepare than some of the other machines recommended, they would be best suited to a smaller sized event or a well-staffed venue. Or if you are expecting bigger numbers, it could be an idea to have more than one or to also hire our WPM ProSteamer to steam milk and complete coffee orders quicker.

The Hero Range – automatic, express events

Another choice again is the Hero range, with the Hero F11 and Hero F2 Plus becoming more and more popular for offices and events. This bean-to-cup machine can make an espresso, long black, latte, flat white and cappuccino, all with the press of a button. This might be a good option to explore if you don’t have venue staff to provide service, as it’s an all-in-one coffee machine that only requires you to keep the beans going in and lots of milk on hand to fill the 2L container as required. If you are looking to make an impression, the 7” touch screen is a classy feature that will be easy to use for baristas or novices. Event organisers will typically choose the Hero range for an express event or an event that has an undetermined number of guests.

The Expobar Quartz – intimate, boutique events

Many event organisers can’t go past a capsule coffee machine option, and the Expobar Quartz is one that is capable of producing a number of coffees at a time, and a step up from the Nespresso-style machine that seems to have saturated the event market. The Expobar Quartz coffee machine is designed to offer a pod shape that is compatible with most brands, and our Corporate Coffee team would be happy to point you in the direction of the right pods for your needs. The boutique-style of this machine makes it a great option for intimate events, and you can get creative with how you display the pods next to the machine. The milk wand is relatively quiet so you could have the machine inside the event room, although make a test coffee beforehand so that you are aware of the noise and speed.

Aequator Brasil – large, public events

There are some events that have a guest list so long, it would cost a fortune to put a coffee in the hand of every person. This is where the Aequator Brasil shines brightest, as the easy function of the machine will keep the line moving, with the milk and coffee being prepared and poured at the same time for speed of service. The machine can also hold a great volume of beans so that you don’t need to man the machine, with the beans grinding as they prepare the next coffee. Now speed doesn’t mean quality is compromised, as the Aequator Brasil offers a choice of 20 coffees (including a delicious hot chocolate) displayed on the graphic screen, so that your large event has a coffee style for every member of the public attending. As far as coffee machine hire for events goes, this is a popular option.

There are no doubt many things to contemplate when planning an event, but securing the right coffee machine is going to be an area you carefully consider. At Corporate Coffee, beans are in our DNA, and we would be happy to choose the ideal coffee machine hire for events, so don’t hesitate to contact our team and start the selection.

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