Grab your favourite mug, find a comfy chair and take a stimulating journey into the fascinating world of coffee and the multitude of topics within. Share in our passion for a quality cuppa experience, for how it brings people together to enhance our great culture. Three is so much to appreciate about the humble coffee bean that should be celebrated. 

As suppliers of quality coffee machines and coffee to offices small and large in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, we know a few things about coffee. Yet we continue to learn new things about it the more we explore and talk with coffee connoisseurs around the world. We hope you enjoy reading through our blog articles about coffee as much as you love coffee itself.

Latest Articles about Coffee

8 reasons why you should invest in a coffee machine

Are you still in doubt whether you should have a coffee machine for the office? Here are 8 good reasons why you should invest in a coffee machine: You have easy and fast access to quality drinks throughout the day. Every cup of delicious coffee is prepared fresh, at the touch of a button. You […]

Latte VS Flat White: What’s The Difference?

For all devout coffee lovers, the question “is there really a difference between a latte and a flat white” is like nails on a chalkboard. Each coffee is unique in flavour and particular formulation. Whilst a latte is known pretty much worldwide, the flat white is its lesser-known cousin, so to avoid confusion and help […]

The Coffee Enthusiasts Guide To Being More Environmentally Friendly

For the vast majority of us, the morning hasn’t truly begun until we’ve had our morning coffee. However, with a number of factors like disposable cups, and leftover wastage from the automatic coffee machine, the question begins to circulate in our minds, “how can I make this process a little more environmentally friendly?” Here, we […]

Coffee Clean Up: How To Take Care Of Your Office Coffee Machine

The office coffee machine is often the unsung hero of the workplace. It revitalises its coworkers, never complains and is always working, they are truly a contender for employee of the year. So, much like any other employee they should be taken care of for the good work they do, and treated with respect. Ensuring [...]

The Secret To Creating The Perfect Espresso

Whether it’s a day chocked full of meetings, or a morning glued to your computer, we all need that perfect cup of coffee to get us through our workday. To ensure that you are never stuck with a subpar cup of joe again, we’ll run you through the top tips and tricks to pull that [...]

Coffee Country: Where Do The Best Beans Come From?

The daily ritual of a cup of coffee is non-negotiable for so many people worldwide. Maybe you’re your own barista with a preference in coffee beans; or perhaps you prefer to get your coffee fix by making a fresh cup in the office. But undoubtedly one question pops up in every caffeine connoisseur's mind, where [...]

How To Create The Perfect Office Coffee Setup

Coffee is a major part of the daily routine of most workers in Australia. While caffeine helps workers wake up and prepare for the day, coffee culture in the workplace goes far beyond just a simple coffee machine and a caffeine hit. Businesses of all sizes are discovering the benefits of setting up a dedicated [...]

Caffeine Cash-In: Can You Claim A Coffee Machine At Tax Time?

Australians LOVE coffee, so a good-quality coffee machine that’s well-loved and well-used is a staple in most workplaces. With a large percentage of Australian businesses spending money on a coffee machine, coffee beans or tea for their employees, it raises the question of whether these items can be claimed at tax time? In today's blog, [...]

The Coffee Enthusiasts Guide To Milk Alternatives

Whether you're vegan, lactose intolerant or just simply not a fan of the regular stuff, you can still enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without dairy. The quality and selection of milk alternatives have boomed in recent years, to the point where some people find it intimidating. From oat and rice to soy and almond [...]

Automatic VS Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines In The Office

Selecting the right coffee machine for your office can be tricky, particularly with so many different options on the market. But don't worry, Corporate Coffee Solutions is here to help. In today's blog, we're doing a deep dive into automatic coffee machines and semi-automatic coffee machines to help you decide if they're the right fit [...]

Focus On: Fair Trade Fortnight 6th-19th August 2021

Since the 1980’s, the fairtrade status of coffee has become a central focus for many coffee bean distributors and consumers. Fairtrade status gives these small scale coffee farmers a chance to increase production from their farms whilst still keeping their income steady and at a level that allows them to improve their lives.  At Corporate [...]

Iced Coffee: How To Freeze For Your Grounds And Beans

We all know that freezing food is a great way to store leftovers for later, but did you know that it can also make your coffee better and last longer? Freezing beans and grounds before brewing can result in a smoother, less bitter taste. And because you’ve already done the prep work, you can just [...]

Coffee Machines: How To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced buyer's remorse. In fact, this experience is not just isolated to impulse purchases. Even when you've done your research, you can be left with doubts about whether your new car, suit, smart or coffee machine was the right choice. At Corporate Coffee, we understand that investing [...]

Fair Trade Day 2021: A Push For Better Produce Practices

It’s easy to feel like the things that we consume come out of nowhere. From bananas to denim to, yes, coffee, these items may be considered staples of day-to-day life, but the ease of access we are provided unfortunately often comes with a human cost. This comes in the form of difficult labour from people [...]

Coffee vs Tea Health Benefits

The debate between caffeine nuts and tea enthusiasts may seem endless, with each camp arguing that their beverage is the superior cup. Well, the science is finally in, and the results may surprise you! It turns out that both of our favourite hot beverages come with their own set of health benefits, so tea drinkers [...]

How Can An Office Coffee Expert Help Your Business?

Alec Baldwin in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross really said it best when he uttered the classic line: “coffee is for closers”. While this iconic film is of course a fictional representation of the business world, there is some truth to the ‘closing’ power of coffee. First impressions with clients are crucial, and the [...]

How do high altitudes affect the taste of coffee?

Creating the perfect cup of coffee is as much an art as it is a science. Creating that smooth, rich flavour begins long before the beans arrive in your home or office. Everything from the soil to the amount of sun exposure and rainfall can impact the quality of a coffee harvest. However, one of […]

Is Coffee the Real Driver of the Economy?

Australia is known for many things. To some, it is a land of rural vistas and ecological landmarks surrounded by iconic, dry bushland. To others, it is known for its sprawling multicultural cities filled to the brim with the best our world has to offer in regards to cuisine, art and culture. However, as someone […]

Brisbane & Beans: The Evolution of Coffee Culture

Italy. South America. Greece. Australia. These are the countries that usually come to mind when you think of full, robust, premium quality coffee. When you think of places with good coffee, you can’t help but think about their coffee culture as well. Melbourne in particular is considered the crown jewel of coffee culture. Office workers […]

Is Workplace Culture Shifting Towards Drinking Coffee in the Office?

Every employer should actively look for new ways to improve office culture in a bid to keep employees feeling happy, content and motivated. After all, high employee morale almost always translates into improved productivity and keeps staff motivated to do their best at all times. So...what do most people have in common? The answer is [...]

Back to the Office: How to Manage Your Coffee Supply

There is no doubt that after the grind 2020 has served us up, returning to the office and restarting like that freshly roasted coffee bean in your office coffee supply can take some time. While it is very true that getting used to the feeling of being back in-house will be an adjustment for many, [...]

The Best Home Coffee Machines For Remote Workers

Remote workers all over the world have had to adjust to a new 9-5pm work week, no longer commuting into work or catching up in the morning before the day starts to unfold. One of the biggest shocks to the system has been the loss of access to the office coffee machine, with remote workers […]

What Is A Virtual Coffee Break? And What Are The Benefits?

There is no time in the working day more sacred than when you grab a coffee with your team; either in the office or at your favourite local coffee shop, it sets us up for a good day at work with that much needed social interaction and coffee hit the perfect pairing. Now that this [...]

Coffee Bean Connoisseur – 5 Reasons Fresh Coffee Beans Are Better Than Instant

A lot of people who are used to the more mundane flavour of instant don't know what they're missing out on when it comes to the coffee experience. From the depth of flavour to the intricacies that come from coffee beans in various climates, there is as much to experiencing coffee as there is to [...]

Coffee & Food Pairings That Will Surprise Your Tastebuds

When it comes to pairing food with a beverage, wine is often the first thing that pops into your mind. Well, did you know that another less common pairing for food is coffee? Coffee doesn’t have to be limited just to the breakfast table or enjoyed as an afternoon boost of energy. In fact, coffee [...]

How To Stay Productive When Working Remotely

2020 has seen a considerable number of people grappling with the idea of remote working productivity for the first time. For some, it has been a freeing experience that has allowed them the space and serenity to focus on their craft. For others, however, the transition hasn’t been quite as smooth, and it’s easy to [...]

Close Quarters Coffee – How To Get Your Caffeine Kick When Working From Home

No matter what your experience has been to date, working from home has been a significant adjustment for all. One thing that has remained consistent is our need for caffeine, fueling our productivity and providing some comfort in a turbulent time that doesn’t appear to have an end date. With each passing week, we enhance [...]

Home Office Essentials – A Guide to Setting Up the Perfect Domestic Workspace

Whilst remote working has seen a steady rise in popularity over the past few years, 2020 is the year in which it has become an unavoidable part of the business landscape for many people. This hasn’t necessarily been the cleanest transition, with many people feeling unequipped to work optimally in their home environment, and a [...]

Take a mindful coffee break

Maybe the coffee breaks in your office are a bit different from what they used to be? Or you might be working from home, struggling with home school schedules and in dire need of a break from your little angels?! Well, we've created some colouring plates and paint-by-numbers sheets –coffee related of course – to [...]

How To Avoid Common Coffee Machine Problems

As with most machines, no matter what brand or model you go for, eventually, you’re going to need a coffee machine service. A high-quality coffee machine is very robust and durable, but over time, without the right maintenance, your caffeine experience is inevitably going to degrade. At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we provide our customers with [...]

5 Coffee Machines That Are Perfect For Events

Morning, noon or night, there are very few events that won’t have a coffee station where attendees congregate and recharge during the event proceedings. The question becomes, which coffee machine is right for your event, and why? Here at Corporate Coffee, we are a preferred supplier of coffee beans, coffee machines and of course our [...]

Event Essentials – 5 Provisions To Help Keep Attendees Focused

There is always a swirl of excitement that precedes an event felt by organisers and attendees alike. Your event, whatever the occasion, brings a number of likeminded people under the same roof or sky, ready to learn and connect. The one thing that is often overlooked is the level of engagement your attendees will have, [...]

Office Offerings – How To Make Sure Your Team Are Always Happy!

The key to running a successful business involves more than just profit margins and revenue. In fact, one of the biggest contributors to the success of a business is its employees. If your employees are kept happy, healthy and motivated, chances are your business will soar to great lengths. A happy team is one that […]

5 Brisbane Coffee Hotspots

Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Southern Hemisphere, and its cafe culture is in step with that growth. Whether you are a Brisbane native or a frequent visitor, you have no doubt seen the bold and beautiful cafe concepts sprouting up in typical and non-so-typical locations around this sunny city. The trouble […]

What To Know About Melbourne Coffee Culture

Melbourne’s coffee culture has become one of its defining traits in a way that no other city has experienced. The search for that perfectly-brewed caffeine hit is something that can be seen throughout the sprawling city streets and beyond, with over 1600 cafes open for business in Melbourne alone. However, to those that haven’t grown […]

5 Reasons Why Australian Coffee Is Better Than Anywhere Else

Australian coffee culture is a thing of legends. This is especially true for Melbournians, who have taken cafe culture to an art form, and one that is thought to be highly representative of the city as a whole. It’s practically impossible to walk down a bustling city street in Australia without seeing rows of cafes […]

Grind and the Glory: Best New Office Coffee Machines

Forget Italy and South America, Australia is home to a great number of coffee snobs that know what they like and are willing to invest in the right coffee machines. This is great news for Australian offices because the standard of beans and machines are so fine that perfect morning coffee is practically inevitable. Now, […]

From Bean to Brew: The Life Cycle of Coffee Roasting

If you’ve never spared a moment to consider the intricate life cycle of a coffee bean to a latte, you may not realise just what a miracle that morning cup of Joe really is. Beyond the intrigue of an origin story, learning these coffee roasting steps may hone your coffee making skills and provide the […]

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Coffee in the Workplace

Coffee plays a vital role in most workplaces and there are a number of different reasons why. Research shows that it may do more for our bodies than just jumpstart the day. Coffee could potentially improve your physical and mental health in a number of surprising ways which could make the daily grind easier.  But […]

Coffee Consultations – What’s The Difference Between Coffee Bean Types

When you sip your morning coffee, the flavours that dance across your tongue can tell you a story. The story of what coffee beans were used, where they were grown, and what happened to them between being picked and ending up in your favourite keep cup. When it comes to your taste buds there really […]

Coffee Cooperation – How Coffee Can Boost Office Productivity

What’s the best way to start the day? The answer is simple- it’s with a hot cup of coffee and a positive thought. With this coffee culture refusing to stop growing, it’s quickly become one of the most lucrative industries in the world and it’s easy to see why. With fine coffee more accessible than […]

Caffeine Kicks – 5 Benefits Of Coffee In The Office

Many of us don’t even consider starting our day without a cup of coffee, which is why the industry has become one of the most lucrative in the world. Now, with fine coffee more accessible than ever, more and more people are starting to enjoy the caffeine kick that it delivers during all hours of […]

Creative Coffee – 3 Easy Coffee Designs to Impress Your Colleagues

With the uprising of the millennials came the beginning of the coffee culture, a culture that’s helped coffee making evolve into the art form that it is today. This ongoing craze has seen speciality coffees become a fixed part of the population’s daily routine with coffee shops popping up in their masses on every high […]

The Cost Saving Benefits of Office Coffee Machines

A coffee machine does more than make your office kitchen look and smell good. It also saves your business money in the long run, while being perceived as an employer who is going that extra mile. If your employees are crying out for a coffee fix, but you haven’t quite committed to the idea, find […]

The Beginner’s Brew – How to Make The Perfect Espresso

Have you ever wondered why your local barista just seems to have a way with coffee that you can’t seem to emulate? If so, you’re certainly not alone. A lot goes into the coffee making process, and there’s more to a perfect espresso than meets the eye. So, if you’ve just rented an office coffee […]

Milk Madness – Tips for perfecting frothy milk

Australians are known to be coffee snobs, turning up our noses if the beans aren’t to a high grade or there is lack of frothy milk. Although nothing is critiqued quite like the milk, which makes up the body of any smooth coffee. Burnt milk, warm milk or too much milk – it’s hard to […]

Office Coffee Machines and Productivity

Staring down the barrel of a busy workday can be a daunting ordeal for some, particularly on a Monday. Instant coffee will not, and has never, done a good job of quashing these feelings or promoting heightened productivity. For so many, the barista coffee found in the nearby cafe is a highlight of the morning. […]

A Brief History of Australian Coffee

For anyone that has even visited one of Australia’s major cities, one thing is for certain: we absolutely love coffee. It’s difficult to walk down any shopping strip in the country without coming across a cafe or two, and this isn’t a new development. While our appreciation of the caffeine kick has only grown over […]

How to Make Coffee – Choosing the Method of Your Morning Brew

Learning how to make coffee can be completely life-changing when you work in an office. From wowing your clients and visitors, to just being able to perfect that caffeine kick, the power of a beautiful brew cannot be overstated. One of the reasons it is an impressive skill is that it’s also one that can […]

What’s best: a coffee machine with fresh milk or powdered milk?

Should you choose a machine that makes cappuccinos and lattes with fresh milk or powdered milk? If you compare a fresh milk machine and a vending coffee machine, there is no doubt that some people will prefer the taste of the fresh milk over the vending product. But don’t base your decision solely on perception […]

Want to change your workplace culture?

How many times have you been asked to join someone for a coffee to discuss business? Most of us love taking a coffee or tea break, it is an integral part of our workplace culture here in Australia. It gives us the opportunity to start up a conversation, vent frustrations and share experiences and advice […]

Great coffee, a great reason to start work early

With the rising trend in coffee quality, it is clear that instant coffee which offers no scope to make the milk-based drinks which we have all come to love, no longer cuts it. The answer is to rent or buy a coffee machine for your office. “We make it easy to create that coffee shop […]