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What does the Fairtrade label stand for?

Each pack of Puro Fairtrade coffee is labelled with the Fairtrade mark which stands for fair trade.

Fairtrade Coffee Logo

Puro coffee is – from A to Z – grown, processed and packed according to the strict Fairtrade guidelines.

The Fairtrade Labelling Organisation determines the criteria which the products have to meet. FLO-Cert is an independent organisation active in the control and certification of the products. The FLO-Cert inspectors audit the Fairtrade cooperatives in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Based on some 250 criteria, they check whether or not cooperatives or plantations earn the right to carry the Fairtrade Mark. This control does not restrict itself to the producer’s countries; the other ‘links in the chain’ – exporters, importers, food processing companies – are also thoroughly audited.

By buying Fairtrade labelled coffee, tea and cacao, you support small-scaled farmers and workers. This enables them to build a better and more secure life for their families, their co-workers and their community.