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The perfect office coffee machines for workplaces of all shapes & sizes:

Hero Minibar S2
Hero Minibar S2

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk

  • Fully automatic one touch operation
  • Temperature controlled steam wand
  • 4L water tank or plumbed
  • High performance brewing unit
Rheavendor CINO EC
Rheavendor CINO EC

Automatic Coffee Machine with Powdered Milk

  • Hopper for beans, milk powder and chocolate
  • 10 drink options
  • Low energy consumption
  • Made in Italy
WMF 1100s
WMF 1100s

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk

  • Recommended daily output: up to 200 cups
  • Fully automatic one touch operation
  • Coffee hopper & Chocolate hopper
  • Steam arm option
Franke A600
Franke A600

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk

  • Premium Suisse coffee quality experience
  • Fully automatic one touch operation
  • More than 20 drink options
  • Milk fridge with integrated cleaning cartridge
Hero F11
Hero F11

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk

  • High capacity double shot brewer
  • Fully automatic one touch operation
  • Touch screen images
  • ECO mode energy saving
WMF 1500 S+
WMF 1500 S+

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Fresh Milk

  • Recommended daily output: up to 200 cups
  • Fully automatic one touch operation
  • Touch screen images
  • 3 drink size options

Loved by coffee drinkers across Australia


Everyone has their preference when it comes to drinking coffee, which is why it’s important to cater to everyone’s tastes when it comes to supplying our corporate coffee machines to workplaces. With the coffee beans roasted on our in-house state of the art Brambati Coffee Roaster, there are plenty of options for you to select from.

From Red Earth to Grand Milano, browse our range of coffee brands and coffee beans for the office to find the perfect accompaniment to our premium office coffee machines.


If you’re looking to boost productivity and morale with the best quality coffee, then it couldn’t be simpler than with Corporate Coffee Solutions. Our range of coffee machine rental and purchase plans helps to make office coffee machines accessible to all kinds of businesses.

We’re focused on providing the best possible customer experience that can be selected for coffee machine hire or purchase options. This is why we provide set-up, staff training and technical support with all of our office coffee machines. What’s more, with a full breakdown covering five days per week and a replacement machine should we be unable to repair yours. There’s no reason you can’t always have great quality coffee in the office whether you purchase or rent a coffee machine.


Like many of our customers, we love coffee and understand there’s no better way to start the day than with a delicious espresso at the touch of a button. There are many benefits to drinking coffee, which is why commercial coffee machines have grown to become a staple of the modern office environment and are considered a necessity for many business operations.

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we’re committed to delivering only the highest quality products and accessories that are tailored to your business. Each and every single office coffee machine we install is accompanied by expert equipment and accessories, so you can enjoy a delicious, freshly brewed pick-me-up – every time.


Impress your clients and colleagues with beautiful coffee designs and specialised brewing techniques, or find out about the latest coffee crazes. See our Corporate Coffee Solutions blog for the latest coffee news, helpful hints and tips on how to make the perfect cup of coffee!



Renting a coffee machine ensures a risk-free way to find the perfect coffee solution in the workplace. Our rental plans start from $28 per week and include servicing, breakdowns and periodic cleaning visits. Our office coffee machines rental packages are perfect for businesses that are looking for a convenient and affordable way to supply their office with a coffee machine without large upfront costs.


There are no contracts or agreements to sign when you buy a commercial coffee machine. You can get up and running in no time at all without having to worry about a pre-existing payment plan. Your office coffee machine can be deemed as an office expense, so make sure that you run the purchase by your tax agent or the ATO if you are considering buying a coffee machine.


Creating the perfect coffee space means establishing a coffee culture at your workplace, it goes beyond just installing an office coffee machine and hoping that people will use it. Businesses are discovering the benefits of setting up a dedicated space with an office coffee machine and the finest coffee beans in a bid to get the most out of their staff. Employees can have access to great coffee at any time, get the caffeine boost they need and also interact with other workers.


When it comes to office coffee machines. The biggest benefit of automatic coffee machines is they’re easy to use, they produce a variety of coffees of consistent quality and they have an automatic cleaning system. A traditional coffee machine gives you slightly more control over how the coffee is made. However, it requires more counter space and time for cleaning.

A free demonstration of the office coffee machines can help you make the right decision for your workplace.


An office coffee machine is a machine designed to make coffee quickly and efficiently to serve large groups of people. This type of machine is often used in corporate, office or business settings, as it can quickly make coffee for employees, customers, and clients.

Office coffee machines are generally larger than traditional home coffee machines and come with features such as a water reservoir, adjustable temperature settings, and a timer. Built for convenience, collaboration and encouraging a positive environment.


Choosing a coffee machine for your office can be a difficult decision. The most important factor to consider is how many people will be using it. If you have a large office, you may want to invest in a commercialgrade machine with a large water tank and multiple brewing options.

If you have a smaller office, you may want to consider a singleserve machine that allows each person to customise their drink.

Another important factor to consider when choosing office coffee machines is the cost. Commercialgrade machines tend to be more expensive, but they will last longer and offer a larger selection of drinks.

Finally, you should consider the ease of use and the features offered by the machine. You should also consider if the machine has an automatic cleaning cycle and if it has any special features such as an integrated grinder or frothing wand.


A good coffee machine for an office should provide a reliable and consistent experience every time. The ability to serve multiple hot drinks, such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, is essential, as well as the ability to make drinks quickly.
The ability to serve multiple sizes and accommodate different types of beverages, such as lattes and cappuccinos, is also a plus.

The user interface should be intuitive and offer clear instructions for operating the machine. The coffee machine should also be easy to clean and maintain, with easy access to internal components for servicing and cleaning. A self-cleaning feature is a great bonus, although not essential. The machine should be robust and able to withstand regular use in an office environment.

Finally, the machine should be cost-effective. The cost of the machine should reflect the quality and performance of the machine, also it should be energy efficient and cost-effective to operate.

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Our Office Coffee Machine Uses & Benefits

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Premium Office Coffee Machines
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Enhance Office & Employee Morale
coffee service, - on site coffee machine set up and programming
On-site coffee machine set up and programming
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Convenient for coffee brewing in the office space

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  • "Corporate Coffee Solutions provided great machines and coffee beans for our office. The coffee machine is super easy to use too! Great customer service and always very helpful if I have an enquiry."

    Belinda Grixti Lab Productions, Melbourne
  • "Our experience with Corporate Coffee Solutions has been nothing short of fantastic. Very happy with the great service and quick responses when required. The coffee machine is easy to use and there is a good range of coffee beans to choose from. Highly recommend."

    Damien Ethell Ray White, Pakenham
  • "We've been happy customers for several years now. Very happy with our machine, the coffee, prompt delivery and service. Thank you!"

    Rod Tacey Bluefish Technologies Pty Ltd, North Melbourne
  • "Gary was most helpful in assisting us with our office coffee machine. He is extremely knowledgeable about all things coffee related and was able to suggest what beans our team would like the best. Our orders are dispatched quickly and everyone in the office loves our new coffee machine. Thank you team!"

    Melanie Muller OnTalent Brisbane
  • "Best coffee ever, we have leased three of their coffee machines and all staff just love the coffee, our work kitchen is looking like a cafe. You are always quick to respond, very helpful and polite and we receive delivery in a day so we are all happy chappies. Thanks heaps Corporate Coffee Solutions and I recommend your services to anyone."

    Sally Fenton Starcom / Publicis Group
  • "Corporate Coffee have been fantastic to deal with. Their overall service has been professional and faultless. Ordering online through their portal is quick and easy for supply of coffee beans and hot chocolate. I recommend anyone that is after a great service and a good reliable coffee machine and beans."

    Theo Manos C H Robinson

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